Monday, October 1, 2012

Scarlett's Morning of Fun with her Da!

Da is winning brownie points; he gets her frosted doughnuts!

Scarlett was too short, so he did what any responsible parent would do...let her stand on a chair.  By herself.  Because he needed a picture with Gronk!  I'm glad I missed this! 

Tyler said that he told her to stand under his arm, but all she did was POSE!  
So as any pregnant lady/mother knows, you are always tired.  Always.  It's just how it is.  And sleeping in is a thing of the past.  Thankfully, now that Scarlett is boycotting naps, she does fall asleep by eight o'clock, so I go to bed then, too!  But last night, I stayed up to catch up on our favorite shows (wild Saturday night, eh?!).  The Office and Parks and Recreation were worth the loss of sleep, and I'm thinking that my free time is about to disappear around October 27, so it was nice to relax baby-free!

And then something magical happened...Tyler got up with Scarlett and took her to Dunkin Donuts and Walmart for a morning of grocery shopping fun!  He let her walk with him and they looked at the Christmas decorations and visited her favorite babies in the toy aisle.  Such a fun dad, but an even better husband!  Those extra two hours made me feel human!!!

But here's a little side story of the morning...Grr!

(At about 6am, I got up for my 4th bathroom run of the night, and as I climbed back into bed, Tyler shushed me!!!!  MURDER.  He gets up every morning with the goal to wake up the toddler, I swear!  He does his nose drops {ew.}, clinks around his belt, and leaves the water running while brushes his teeth {don't even get me started on that!}.  But because he was getting up with Scarjo, he made sure that all was quiet!  And when I told him I was thinking murderous thoughts, he just chuckled!  The extra sleep made up for the shushing, least mostly!)

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