Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mum of the Year?

Today, Scarlett and I were practicing letters.  When we got to the letter "T for Tyler," Scarlett replies, "dollah bills, Da!"  

(I may say to Tyler as he leaves for work lots of mornings in front of Scarlett, "go make those dollah, dollah bills, Da!")

It might make me more of a horrible mother that hearing Scarlett say, "dollah bills" makes me laugh hysterically!  

I'm pretty sure I'm not ruining her for life...right?!

See?  Not ruined at all!  YET.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So What Wednesday

This week I'm saying So What ...
  • I have done NOTHING to prepare for baby 2.  Absolutely nothing.  I'm starting to freak out because before anything gets done for baby 2, I need to redo a big girl room for Scarjo...!  That will be fun, but SO much work.  
  • My hips are growing faster than my belly.  It's like my body is saying, "Hey, I know what happens here, let's just cut to the chase..."  And now I look far more pregnant than I did at 18 weeks the first time around!  :(
  • We always have the music choice channel on in the background when we're at home.  Well, yesterday, "Criminal" started playing and Scarlett says, "Britney!"  It probably doesn't help that Auntie Mary calls her, "Auntie Brit" around the house!
  • I have been dying to see pictures of Jessica Simpson's baby Maxi...and today it finally happened!  I was not disappointed; she is the chunkiest, cutest little thing in the world!
  • It's been pretty rainy and dreary around these parts, so we've been spending our day doing housework.  Scarlett's quite the helper in the laundry room, though her folding could use a little work!
  • I'm so exhausted lately.  I have yet to stay up past 8 o'clock for as long as I can remember!  QT with the roomies has gone out the window.  :(
  • When a slow song comes on, Scarlett goes, "lame-o!"  HA!  It cracks me up every time.
  • Scarlett calls me "Auntie Meg" 50% of the time.  Apparently, we've been spending lots of time with Alyssa!
  • I feed Scarlett "cheeses" (egg & cheese wake up wraps) from Dunkin' Donuts at least three times a week.  Mom fail.

Monday, May 28, 2012

18 Weeks! (and 2 days!)

I feel bad for baby 2 because I am reeeeeally slacking this pregnancy so far.  I lost all of my pregnancy tests before taking pictures, I have yet to take an un-ugly bump shot, and I really have made no progress in getting Scarlett out of our bedroom, so baby 2 can have room in his/her co-sleeper.  Mom fails, already!!!

How far along?  18 weeks + 2 days!
Baby's size:  (I have to go look that fail.)  5 1/2 inches long; about the size of a bell pepper!
Sleep:  Scarlett is getting better at sleeping, only waking up around 3am, so my sleeping is getting long as I have my body pillow!  I read that you can't sleep on your back because then you'll squish a major vein, so that has me a little freaked out!
Maternity clothes:  I mean, that's not even a question anymore, I liiiive in maternity clothes!!!
Food cravings:  Well, I'm a little sad to say, my food aversions have died down a bit, so I'm open to chocolate.  Not good for my hips!  I still don't really crave it, though, so that's good!  My cravings depend on the day, but once I set my mind to something, I have to have it before I let it go.
Food aversions:  none.  :/
Symptoms I have:  I can feel stretching under my belly when I walk for exercise and slight grinding in my right hip off and on...nothing too bad!
Doctor's appointment:  June 8th, and then I schedule the ultrasound appointment!!!
Movement:  Yes!  I can feel little movements once a day, probably.  I feel it when I am thinking about it.
Belly button:  Same as always.  It never poked out with Scarlett, so I'm pretty sure it's not going anywhere!
Gender?:  Not known yet...!!!!
What I'm looking forward to:  Boy or Girl???!!!
What I miss:  A cold glass of chardonnay after the babies go to bed!!!  Delicious!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

A (one-sided) Love Affair

Scarjo-free = a happy Mr. Rex!

Poor Sexy Frexy.  That kitty is so patient with Scarlett, but sometimes, her attention borders on abuse.  To make up for it, Scarlett is the one who feeds Rex all of his food and treats!

16 Weeks!

I really need to take a picture of my baby bump.  There is no photographic evidence of this pregnancy so far; slacker!  Buuuut I will get on the meantime, I found a fun little pregnancy questionnaire from this blog and I have decided to do it semi-regularly in an attempt to document pregnancy #2.  (Bump pics to come...!)

How far along?  16 weeks today!
Baby's size:  4.5 inches long -- WHOA!  Baby 2 is the size of an avocado already!
Sleep:  Um, well, pretty awful.  But it's not pregnancy induced...Scarjo has really never slept through the night. On the bright side, at least I'm pretty prepared for baby 2!!!
Maternity clothes?  YES!  And I have been in them for a few weeks.  There are two reasons for this; first of all, who wouldn't want to wear stretchy waistbands instead of constricting buttons?  Secondly, my body was like, "oh, okay, I see where this is going.  BAM, let's skip right to looking 6 months pregnant!"  Awesome.  So, yes, please to maternity clothes.
Food cravings:  PEACH RINGS!!!  They are rocking my world!  And Necco wafer thingys.  Yummy!  It's so weird because normally I am such a chocolate girl, but it's just not doing it for me anymore.
Food aversions:  I can't eat anything twice.  It's very strange, I think.  If enough time passes (like weeks), then sometimes I can try something again.
Symptoms I have:  Heartburn is pretty much it, now that the first trimester is over...that was brutal.  
Doctor's appointment:  Yesterday was my 16 week check-up.  It was so cool because the doctor could find the heartbeat right away and she just pushed down on the right side below my belly button and I could feel the baby inside.  I just thought it was my organs moving around, but nope, there's really a baby in there!!!
Movement:  Not much, yet...but sometimes I am sure that I can feel movements...
Belly button:  same as always!
Gender:  We find out in June!
What I'm looking forward to:  Finding out the gender because then we can really start getting ready for baby 2!!!!
What I miss:  Not worrying about the future.  I used to just know that I had endless time with just Scarlett, but now I'm trying to soak her in and get her ready to be a big sister...!