Monday, October 8, 2012

Diddos for Kiddos

Last weekend was SO amazing; I love it when that happens!

Friday night, Mary and I went to Diddos for Kiddos Baby-free!  Thank you, Tyler for watching the little ladies for FOUR hours by yourself.  That was magic!

Babies/toddlers/children are not welcome to the Friday night sale, so Mary and I scramble to find sitters for the spring sale.  Tyler was out of town and my mom was unavailable, so we hired their FIRST EVER babysitter.  It worked out well, but we felt like we were on a time-crunch.  This time around, we had all the time in the world!

Diddos for Kiddos is hard to write about because they misspell "dittos."  It drives me crazy!  And I have to agree with Mary, it's too painful to update your facebook status because you just can't type "ditto" as "diddo."  You just can't.  But I have to write about my fantastic finds, so "diddos" it is.

Diddos for Kiddos is a flash sale that happens twice a year (Spring/Fall) at the same location about 25 minutes from our town.  Anyone can sign up to be a consignor; you tag all of your items with your given number and your choice of price. Some sellers are fair, but others either ridiculously over-price their lame items or way under-price their fantastic ones.  The latter ones are the best finds!  About a week before the sale, you bring your items, from children's clothes, toys, equipment to maternity clothes, and the workers inspect every item.  Then it's time to put your items on the racks; it takes about 15-20 minutes for this whole process.  NBD.

The actual sale is all day Saturday and then everything is half-price for the Sunday sale.  Everything's pretty picked over by Sunday, so we never hit that.  Mary and I are both consignors, so we get to go to the pre-sale on Friday evening.  YESSS!  The doors open at 6pm, but we get there to wait in line by at least 5pm.  By 6pm, the line is probably 200 people deep.  Serious business...don't even get me started on the line cutters...!  This year, the ladies at the front even ordered pizza to be delivered and they ate in their beach chairs while they waited.

Finally, it was 6pm and we were let in!  I'm really all set with baby equipment, but it's just addicting to buy!  And at such great deals, I couldn't help myself!  Here are a few of my favorite finds:

The Galt Playnest and Gym

Eeeekkkkk!!!  I saw this and freaked when I saw the price.  I snatched that bad boy right up!!!  And for ONLY $12.  Woohoo!  It's in almost brand new condition -- I just had to bring it home and wash it to freshen it up a bit.  What a find!  I just wonder what the seller was thinking...!  I didn't have a playnest with Scarlett, so I'm curious to see how much better this is than a playmat.  And really, I just need lots of things to entertain baby 2 because Scarjo is still high-maintenance when it comes to needing attention!

Baby Uggs (for reals!!!!!)

My mom bought Scarlett and Louisa their own pair of Uggs for Christmas last year that still fit them and she just bought Camdyn and Alyssa their own pairs of the same boots.  With this find, now all of the girls have Uggs!  Too adorable -- especially when they all match!  And here's the best part; guess how much I paid...$2.  TWO DOLLARS.  They look brand new and I paid only two dollah, dollah bills!!!  (Okay, Mary found them, but still...!)  You can't beat it!  

So Diddos for Kiddos started out my weekend on a fabulous note.  (I swear I get a shopping high -- great deals make me happy!)

Actually, my Friday started pretty fantastic because my mom kidnapped Scarjo and took her to a Halloween cookie decorating party with Cam and Alyssa!  (no school for the big girls!)  Tyler had that day off to help with my to-do list for baby 2 preparations, so with no Scarjo, we got lots done and even had time for a baby-free lunch out!  I cannot remember the last time that happened!  Turns out, it's pretty awesome, but I'm not sure when it will ever happen again now that baby 2 is about to come.  Hello, dependable and trust-worthy babysitter!  Hopefully.  

My mom has an instructional video on how to dance like a princess!

Friday was the best day ever, though I missed Scarlett lots!!! 

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