Friday, September 30, 2011

Just Another Thursday in the 'Ville.

Okay, let me preface this with explaining that Tyler, the man with two jobs, is on vacation this week.  After cleaning out the garage, he was planning on relaxing and playing Madden...until I kindly reminded him that he has a one-year-old and a tiiired wife who wants to sleep in and have help taking care of Scarjo.  Sads for Tyler, but Mary and I were pretty much loving the idea of spending our Thursday afternoon perusing the aisles at Target.  (Did you know they have Missoni baby flats?!)  So Tyler, trying to be a good sport, climbed on into the Escape and came with us on our shopping spree to help with the babies!

While we were at Target, we ran into old co-workers and their super-cute (not as grumpy as Scarlett) babies, walked around in said Missoni flats, and stocked up on strawberry-filled panda cookies that Alyssa loves (and are only $1!), but then Scarjo started to lose her S-H-I-T.  Sooo...

We left Target, ate fried pickles at Texas Roadhouse, and then we went to THE CHRISTMAS TREE SHOP!!!  So. much. fun.  They have everything!  While we stocked up on crazy brand-named deep conditioner, discontinued best ever mascara (FYI, I paid $2.99 for mine.  F.), and mats for Tyler's wet boots, Scarjo walked around the store trying to apply men's deodorant.  It's her new thing; she witnessed me applying spray deodorant and has made it her everyday ritual since!  So strange.  (and hilarious!)  Luckily, the deo had the protective shield on it, so she didn't reek like a man all day.  Scarjo also noticed a rack of "shoes" and proceeded to sit in the aisle, take off her own shoe, and try to stick her foot into the "shoes" that she had discovered.  Those "shoes" happened to be doggies' chew toy shaped as shoes.  Smartest Funniest baby ever!

Second most entertaining Scarjo move of the afternoon was when she requested the hand mirror while sitting in her car seat eating her toddler Mum-mum.  I look back and this is what I witnessed:

Oh yes, she is watching herself eat in the mirror
Fruitcake baby!

The MOST entertaining Scarjo moment was probably so awesome because I am her mother, but still...the whole way home she fed her baby it's bottle and gave it love.  Cutie-cutes!

Clearly unfazed by the screaming "Nene" sitting a foot away from her!

Yeah, it was a pretty fun day for me and the roomies!  We ended it with sleeping babies (who skipped their baths and went to sleep quickly), revisiting fun purchases as we put everything away, and a large-ish glass of wine with Molly.

Apple farm & open swim are on the agenda for tomorrow...I'm already excited!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Tonight, I made the mistake of giving Scarlett kisses.  Whoa!  She got angry, made a grumpy face, and picked up the blanket to rub the kisses off!!!  Sads.  Is she already too cool for her "Mummysssss?"

On a happier note, I had a celebrity sighting today!  I ran into Ashley Underwood at Sun Tan City!  That counts, right?!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I blame potty training?!

While out & about with my sister and all of the little ladies, but after my nalgene of water AND a large iced coffee, I had to race to the nearest public bathroom quickly, with Scarlett in tow.  I fly into the stall, grab the paper seat cover out, and try to rip out the middle, but as I'm in the process of ripping, I look over and Scarlett has her hands in the toilet water and is playfully splashing it around!!!!  Ahhhh!  Funniest Grossest thing ever.  I whip out my wet ones while I use the restroom and then we scrub, scrub, scrub with copious amounts of soap and warm water.  Blech!  That was how my most uneventful eventful day began...more updates (& pictures!) to come...!

HAPPY SEPTEMBER!  I already have my Fall wreath on the front door and pumpkin shots in my coffee!