Wednesday, October 24, 2012

So What! Wednesday

So What Wednesday
  • I teared up while watching Ellen Degeneres -- dang pregnancy hormones -- I don't have feelings!
  • With my impending due date, I feel like my life is about to be over.  My world was rocked when Scarjo was born, so that's what I'm expecting to happen again, but it makes me feel guilty that I'm nervous!
  • Scarlett calls my make up "wake up" and tells me to put it on, so we can go bu-bye.  
  • On top of telling me to put on my wake up, she also loves to wear it.  Blush, eye shadow, and lippy are her favorites.  And she knows what they're all called and where they go.  
  • I'm a bit worried that I'm ruining her self-esteem with my obsession with make up and all things girly.  I love that she loves girly things, but I also want her to be well-rounded!  Here she is in her high heels with her purse: 
  • Tyler brought me a pumpkin munchkin to "try" and I went along with it even though I have definitely "tried" quite a few of them this season!  
  • Secret confession: I looove Taylor Swift's newest song.  I almost want to go buy RED...Oh man, I know the name of her album!!!  Super-secrets!
  • Scarlett calls things by the wrong name and I never correct her; I think it's adorable.  {Wah wah yeah = water, trees = trees AND leaves, stop signs = the political signs lining our streets.}
  • The worst part about not being able to walk?  I'm freaked out that I'll go into labor and will not be able to shave my legs quickly before heading to the hospital.  


  1. First time stipping by your blog... Scarlett is just adorable!! oh yeah and ... T Swift is the bomb.

  2. Thank you! I know -- I'm totally a Taylor Swift fan now!!! Did you see her on The View?! Love that song!

  3. How cute is she! I like Taylor Swift too... guilty pleasure. New follower from SWW.

    -Heather - private, just use "contact" to gain access