Thursday, October 11, 2012

Big Girl Bed!

Scarlett finally has her big girl bed in her own room; woohoo!  One more thing checked off the to-do list!  She was so psyched about it and insisted on sleeping in it that first night.  I was a little hesitant...after all, her room still needs the door to be put back on it's hinges!  (Her room was my closet back in my childless days!)
Bribed her with princesses!

Although her room had no door, we did set up her sound machine, so we felt like that would block out any sound that might wake her up.  And we'd rearranged the room just so her new princess night light was the main focus of that side of the room, so she was extra excited for her new bedroom!!!

We were ready to let her sleep in there because, well, I was really not for it, but how could I say no?!  I know it's what's best for our growing family and I really didn't want to discourage her excitement.  

At bedtime, our routine moved into her room, and so we settled in to read books and snuggle until she fell asleep.  It happened almost instantly because she'd not napped at all and had had an extremely eventful day with Cam and Alyssa.  I was happy that she felt comfortable enough to fall asleep!

That night was the first night Tyler and I had our room to ourselves since Scarlett was born!  It felt great, but also soooo strange without her warm little body reaching for me in her sleep.  

I assumed that it'd be the best night of sleep I was going to get for the past (almost) three years...but I was WAY wrong!  My body wouldn't shut itself off; I was so alert just making sure Scarlett didn't wake up and need me in the middle of the night.  SO annoying.  When she did eventually wake up and realize that I wasn't there, she screamed for me and I ran in, grabbed her, and snuggled her in the bed that's in our room...right next to our's!  Bad habit, I know, but I just wasn't ready.  Is that ridiculous, or what?!  Truth be told, that was the only night we attempted to have her sleep in her own room.  Ugh!  

Looking on the bright side, I'm getting better sleep because I'm not worried about Scarlett.  She's getting better sleep, too, because as long as she can reach out and touch me in her sleep, she won't wake up!  There has to be a better way, though...especially since baby 2 is coming a couple of weeks!

Scarlett sleeping in her big girl bed

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