Friday, October 26, 2012

Bein' Festive!

Every year, I always plan on doing all things festive for the appropriate season, and I usually succeed (Minus Maple Sunday; I can never remember when it is), but this year I am a hundred years pregnant.  That changes things bit!  I want to take Scarlett to the apple farm, corn mazes, and pumpkin lands, but I just don't have the energy, so the most festive thing I had done until today was make sure her halloween costume was here and ready, just in case I have an itty bitty baby to also take care of.

I realized that I was going to have to step up my game when Scarlett shrieked with excitement over the neighbors halloween lights an decorations.  (over-achievers.)  She's getting to the age where traditions mean something to her and I wanted to make sure that we had some festive stuff going on.

Honestly, I had planned to step up to the plate during the Christmas season and have Tyler decorate the house!

Mary and I had made a million plans to go to the apple farm all Fall, but it had yet to happen.

The only reason we even had pumpkins that were maybe going to be carved was because Auntie Mary took Scarlett and Lulu out to the local grocery store to pick them out!  Mom fail.  I missed the first pumpkins that Scarlett ever picked out!

Clearly, I have been slacking this season in the fun, festive department, so when Mary suggested we go to the apple farm, I jumped on board!

It was a quick 15 minute drive to get there, but once we arrived, we soon realized we'd missed prime apple-picking season; the place was dead.  Still, we excitedly picked out an empty bag and headed out to the field.  That was their favorite part; Lulu and Scarlett were obsessed with picking out any apple to stick in their bags!  It was so fun to watch!  (Though, I'm not even gonna lie, when we got home and looked through our apples, we realized that most of them were gross and bruised, but it was the experience that mattered!)

Ready for some apple picking!

Now as far as those pumpkins went, Mary kept trying to convince me to carve them, but never seemed to work out.  Carving was either going to be too messy and I was going to have company over or we'd find something else to do with the girls.

Turns out, today was the day!  Apple picking and carving pumpkins back to back -- hello, festivity!  I am taking no credit for the Fall fun because Mary carved Lulu and Scarlett's big pumpkins and Tyler came home early and carved "Smith" into the baby pumpkin that Scarlett had picked.  I was just the photographer of all the Fall Festivities!

Carving pumpkins outside because the weather was THAT nice!

After the pumpkins were carved, the girls had a dance session on the front lawn!  Lucky neighbors!  

Lulu's ballet dancing!
Now I'm getting ready for my doctor appointment this morning -- happy 40 weeks to me tomorrow!  I wonder if baby 2 will make her appearance before halloween or if she'll be a November baby...?!

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