Friday, October 5, 2012

Kitties for days!

While my mom's husband is away for work, we've been socializing at her house all week!  It's been a party! 

One hilarious night, all the little ladies were coloring with markers while we were chitchatting.  (Yay for entertained babies!)  Though when we looked over, Scarlett had colored a black circle on her nose.  Mary, being the fun aunt that she is, said, "Hey, Scarjo, do you want me to make you a kitty?!"  Of course, Scarjo (and all of the other girls!) wanted to take Mary up on her offer!  So off to work Mary went, creating little kitty faces on Alyssa, Lulu, and Scarlett.  (Mum wouldn't allow Cam to join in because she's a little too old!)  

We all chuckled at their cuteness and went on with our gossiping!  

Scarlett and Louisa had a party splashing in the sink, and that took off some of the marker.  So when we got home, I just sat Scarjo at the edge of the sink to scrub her down with warm water and lots of Dove soap.  Her kitty whiskers faded, but refused to be washed off.  

Turns out, the markers that Auntie Mary used were for POSTERS and absolutely not waterproof!!!  SO, the girls got to be kitties again the next day, too!

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