Saturday, April 27, 2013

Tyler is working on the road now.

I get to do the kid thing by myself 24/7.  
It only looks like this sometimes!  

Then an amazing thing happens...

They fall asleep and I GET THE HOUSE TO MYSELF.  No babies.  No remote-stealing husbands.  Hello, RHOOC!!!  ;-)

Friday, April 26, 2013

We're pretty sure she's a ginger...!

These pictures are the best I have that showcase Poppy's real hair color.  And we're pretty convinced that she will be a ginger as soon as the sun lightens up her hair.  Okay, who am I kidding, this little chiquita clearly has some golden tones goin' on already!

And I have Scarlett to thank for capturing her hair's true essence!  I was in the shower and Poppy was swinging while Scarjo played all over the second floor.  Turns out she stayed pretty close -- she wet Poppy's hair and styled it up!  I thought it was so hilarious that I sent Scarlett into the bedroom to snag my camera and take her picture.  She did well!

Oh!  And there is this one:

Red.  Hair.  It's official!  At least she is in good company...!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday

I can't wait to hear what Busy Philipps names baby girl #2.  Birdie sounded so strange to me at first, but now I love it!

On Starbucks Sunday I drank my coffee from home in the jeep on the way to Starbucks.  Caffeine Addict.

I am tired 24/7, yet at 10pm every night, I have to drag myself to bed.  I absolutely regret staying up late by 6am the next morning when Scarlett wakes up!

Exercise makes me happy.  Duh.  But I hate that I have to exercise to feel like this.  Why can't it happen when I eat a cupcake?!  ;-)

Watch my kids?!  I will definitely pawn them off on you for 20 minutes in a tanning bed.

With Tyler traveling for work has been the only thing that has forced me to be an adult.  I am now responsible for things other than little ones, like bills that need to be paid.  I haven't decided if this is a good thing or not!

Tyler and I went to the same college, but graduated a year apart...apparently they just wanted to be thorough...!

This warm weather makes me want to move somewhere warmer with 4 seasons still, but less severe winter.  Rhode Island sounds great!  Maine winter with two kids under three will make even the most sane person lose their bananas!

Ready for Love was cancelled.  This ruined way too much of my day when I heard the news.
*UPDATE*  Is it not cancelled????!!! 

I write blog posts in my head all. the. time.  You just can't tell by looking at my blog.  For real, must get better, just because I want to remember EVERYTHING from the girls' baby/childhoods...

I still love Reese!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Oh, this?
Well, this is just the best quote I've read in a while!
Thank you, Melissa!

"If there is anything parenthood has taught me, it's to stand tall in what I know is right for my kids regardless of judgment from others."

When you're a parent, you're faced with all kinds of decisions that you are in charge of making, between what to make for lunch to where they're going to attend school, so, as a mom, this quote from Melissa's blog really just rang true for me!   

Also, this:

Every time Scarlett puts on her dress up shoes, she says, "I'm married."  Hahaha, where did she come up with this?!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Links!

I have to say, I agree with Drew.

YAY!  Exciting news...and very surprising to me!

This non-foaming shampoo ROCKS my world!  Even Tyler noticed how great my hair looked after one use.

Scarlett's favorite show -- I don't feel that guilty letting her indulge.

In case I ever go to New York.

This baby!  It looks just like Poppy, but I can never quite capture her hair color.

With my 30th birthday quickly approaching, this seemed appropriate.

I freakin' love Prince Harry!

What?!  This is wicked awesome!

Marilyn Monroe when she was a little girl.

Stolen Diary Entry: Taylor Swift.

6 Signs It's Time To Start Taking Care of Yourself -- #5 is oh so true, for me.  Yeesh!

I keep forgetting about Jenna Marbles and all of her cheesy hilarity.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday

  • I went onto amazon fully intending to order Gone Girl, but two days later, Dark Places came in the mail.  Close.
  • Easter was so.  Almost like a second Christmas.  It has taken me until yesterday to get back into the grove of our everyday life.
  • When I use our cloth table cloth, and it gets dirty, I just flip it over and use the other side!  
  • Adding things to my wish lists on amazon and beauty army feels like retail therapy, but holy disappointment when they don't show up in the mail.  
  • I buy generic brand splenda.  Lame.
  • Printing out our pictures is something I do lots.  Putting them in frames, however, happens almost never.
  • To fill in my eyebrows, I used mascara, because taking out my eyebrow powder and gel just seemed like too much effort!
  • When the girls are sleeping, I find that I spend my free time looking at pictures of them.  I need a hobby!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fashionista in Training?!

Scarlett's favorite thing lately is to dress herself.  
I guess the last few outfits matched were just accidental; and here I thought she was the next Rachel Zoe!

Monday, April 8, 2013


Little Poppy is five months old,
has rolled over,
tried her first teether cookie...
all of which is undocumented.

Hello, #secondbabysyndrome  

It is high time I showed a little Poppy love -- here she is in all her squishy cuteness!!!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Girls' Day!

Since Poppy has been born, Scarlett has really never been jealous until recently.  She loved Poppy and really enjoyed going to her regular events with Tyler when we were first home from the hospital.  Even after Tyler went to work, Scarlett never acted out or seemed to resent Poppy's need for my attention.  But a few weeks ago, I noticed that she would whine or need be held whenever I was holding or feeding Poppy.  (Annoying!) But to try and restore Scarlett's relationship with me and confidence of her place in our family, I decided to take time with just her.  Tyler had a couple days off, so I took advantage of it, and Scarlett and I were off to get mani/pedis!  Her choice!  I gave her a bunch of options and that's what she wanted to do.  Score for me!

It was much-needed and did a lot to repair any hurt feelings that she may have had!  Now I just need to make a point to do this more often...!  So much fun!

The rest of the day was a blast, too!  Tyler works so much that he misses out on Scarlett's activities, so it was a treat to have him help with the ladies around!

Big G's!
Gymnastics, lunch out, mani/pedis...and it was sunny!  Wicked awesome!

Friday, April 5, 2013

What to do,what to do...

I don't even know what to do with myself!  I dropped Scarlett off at school this morning (she just started one day each week!), went through the Dunkin' Donuts drive thru*, and came home to feed Poppy when I turned my ankle and heard that tell-tale POP from my foot.  AGAIN. (Same dang injury for the third time in the last nine months!)  So, because I'm broken, my mom is picking up Scarlett after school and taking her back to her house!  I'm able to hobble around, so I will still be snagging Mary from her work at 5pm and heading out for our night of fun, but until then, I have nothing to do.  Well, laundry and dishes, but no Scarlett.  So weird.  And a little freeing!  (Why did I think one baby was so much work the first time around?!)  I guess I'll just have to blog...!!!  ;-)

Yesterday...we were at home, bored, and that's when Scarlett decided to do my hair.  This happens lots and I love it!  It feels amazing and she can't push the detangler yet, so my hair ends up fluffed out a little, but no biggie.  And then Scarlett discovered the comb.  She twirled and twisted that thing so tight in my hair.

I was starting to realize it was REALLY stuck.
After about fifteen minutes, and the comb hadn't budged, I turned to Tyler and let him have a try.  That was just a bunch of pulling a hurt lots!

Look at her face!

After Tyler was unsuccessful, we all drove to Mary's, hoping that she could work some magic.  Didn't happen.  So she busted out the scissors...

There is a lot less hair on the left side of my head, but you really can't tell.  I definitely learned my less, though!  Wide-toothed combs for Scarjo from now on!

*Went to DD for a quick iced coffee because Poppy was getting fussy and I knew that I wouldn't have time to make coffee before she was full-on freaking.  I ordered a large iced coffee, milk and 4 splenda.  Well...there was a medium sitting there at the window.  When they realized it was the wrong size, the girl took a large cup, added ice, and then poured the medium coffee in to the large cup.  Such a rip-off.