Monday, October 29, 2012


Loving:  Sweatpants!  Even maternity jeans are too restricting for this stage of pregnancy!  And Scarlett in her piggy costume; pretty much the cutest thing I've ever seen!!

All dressed up for the Halloween party at our library!

Reading:  Lots of Sandra Boynton books to Scarlett; they're her favorites right now!  Pajama Time, especially.  I could use some ideas for a nice, interesting adult read, clearly!

Watching:  My all-time faves; The Office, Parks and Recreation, and New Girl.  I've recently been DVRing Nashville out of curiosity and it's been pretty entertaining.

Listening to: Taylor Swift.  Mostly due to the fact that she is everywhere!  Also, I have been listening to Christmas music lots -- it makes me feel festive and reminds me that there are lots of fun things happening in the next couple of months!  (Other than having a baby!!!!!)

Thinking about:  Scarlett.  How much I'll miss her and worry about her when I'm in the hospital.  How she'll adjust to not being an only child.  How to make sure she doesn't feel jealous of the new baby.  I want her to feel included and love her baby sister!  It's just something that I want to remain conscientious of for Scarlett's sake.

Looking forward to:  Meeting baby 2 and seeing who she looks like!  Scarlett coming to meet her sister and the party that will ensue!  Giving the gifts from baby 2 to Scarlett at the hospital!!!  And CHRISTMAS!  

Making me happy:  Sweatpants!  Talk about full circle, but really, sweatpants, sweatshirts, the pellet stove to make the house cozy, and yummy home fragrance!!!  We are going to batten down the hatches in preparation for Sandy.  Now lets hope that we don't lose power...or that I don't go into labor...during the storm!

 *Thank you, Love, Matt and Kara for the inspiration behind this post!

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