Monday, July 23, 2012

The things they say...

Well, it finally happened.  Scarlett said something, in public, that was completely innocent while being totally embarrassing to me.  While she was swinging on a big girl swing, another little girl with her father were swinging one swing away and the mother sat on a nearby bench.

Scarlett, being the observant little girl that she is, noticed how large the mother was and proclaimed, "Look!  Mum!  She has a baby 2!"  I replied, "Yup, a baby 2!"

My thinking was that my comment would pacify Scarlett while being innocent enough to keep the family next to us in the dark.  Well, Scarlett was not satisfied by my lackluster response.

She went on, "No, Mummy, look!  She has a baby in her belly, too!"  Oooh man!  If that wasn't clear, I don't know what is.  I just smiled and nodded and turned her attention to another structure.  The family kindly ignored us and went on their merry way.  

I'm not sure if I handled it correctly, but at the time, I was at a loss for what to do!  I also didn't want to reprimand Scarlett because it would have exasperated the situation AND she really didn't realize what she was saying was rude.  

ANOTHER eventful activity for us today was to clean off Scarlett's bed!  She has always been a hoarder.  I have caught her far too many times hiding things in the lower drawers of my jewelry cabinet and when Tyler couldn't find his cell phone, it just so happened that a little squirrel named Scarlett had tucked that bad boy into his sneaker!  Clearly, she has a reputation around our house!

So when I went to clean the babies and stuffed animals out of her bed, I knew I had a big job, but nothing prepared me for how much she had hidden at the end of her bed...

And I clean her sheets, so it hadn't taken very long for this to accumulate!  I'm not even gonna lie; most some of these were Lulu's that Scarlett had hoped would be hers to keep!  Naughty, naughty!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cutest niece ever and a birthday!

After not approving of our name for baby 2, Alyssa suggested her own...

"You should name her Elizabeth Louisiana, 'cause it's after a country!"  Haha, not bad for a four-year-old!  

My favorite 4-year-old and me!
Aaaaand, it's Mary's 27th birthday today!!!  I'm so excited for our afternoon of shopping, but first, she's off to the hair salon while I babysit my other favorite niece, Louisa, for the morning!  

Mary and Lulu -- stolen from her facebook!

Happy birthday, Mary!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

SO What! Wednesday!!!

This week I'm saying So What if...

  • I paid for a pound of $9 turkey, so that I could ask for a cookie for Scarlett while grocery shopping, without feeling embarrassed!  They keep the cookies in the deli, not the bakery.  How strange is that?!
  • Scarlett and I went grocery shopping, walked outside and ran into my mom & Alyssa in the parking lot.  Then we proceeded to go grocery shopping again with them.  I think our total time spent at Hannaford was 2 hours!
  • I've been spending my free time filling out Scarlett's baby book.  I figure that I better get that finished before I have to start another one...!
  • When I see people smoking in nice cars, it totally irritates me!  They're ruining the fancy with their yucky smoke!!!!
  • I went to the playground wearing a summer dress.  Embarrassing!  In my defense, I was only planning on a coffee-run, but the empty playground was calling to me, so I had to let Scarlett get out and run around!
  • I am SO BUMMED that the Today Show replaced Ann Curry with Savannah Guthrie.  Ann rocks and Savannah is soooo annoying to me!!!  I'm thinking of tuning into GMA from now on in protest.  How BA am I?!  ;)
  • Kourtney Kardashian named her baby girl Penelope Scotland.  I mean, Dash as Mason's middle name is cute and the name of their store and definitely in honor of Kourtney, but Scotland???  That just sounds ridiculous.  (Maybe my "So what if..." should be the fact that I dissected the naming of a Kardashian!)
  • I have a name for baby 2, but I'm still looking just in case there are better options.  I'm not ready to settle 100%.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Procrastinating MAJORLY

I should be cleaning my kitchen.  Like reeeeally should be cleaning it!  We decided to (finally!) replace our 1987 refrigerator (oh, the joys of buying a fixer upper!), but we had a little problem.  Our old fridge was built into the wall with cupboards above it, but we either need to find another fridge at the same exact size (impossible!) OR do some reconstruction ourselves.  Considering how much knowledge and skill we lack in the construction department, the idea of buying a new refrigerator was daunting!  Buuut, with a little encouragement from my family, we did it!  And it was just as not fun as we had imagined, though the finished product will be worth it!  We're also thinking that it will add value to our house because we are still selling as soon as baby 2 comes and I'm ready to show it to strangers...AKA once we get a housekeeper!  ;)

So instead of blogging, I should be cleaning the mess that was left behind:

Well, there is a new fridge here now, but you get the idea!  I have lots of work ahead of me!

But I'm choosing to air my dirty laundry online and sit in front of the fan!  With this heat wave we've been having, I would kill for central air!

So on to happier subjects...we went to Boston, MA for a mini vacation and I'm back with pictures!!!   We had so much fun...and I have to admit staying in the hotel was my favorite part!!!   There was a pool and free, delicious breakfast -- WOOHOO!  But while we weren't eating and swimming, we drove through Revere and into Boston to see the New England Aquarium, Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, and riding the T (a rarity for us Mainers!).

Here is our vacation in pictures:

Scarjo always pushed the buttons for the "alligator."

Heading to the aquarium!

Coolest turtle ever!

"Ew.  Yucky!"  --Scarlett

Scarlett and her "Da"

She kept doing this weird puppy peeing pose.  Fruitcake!

Tyler needs new sunglasses, asap!

Mmmm...watermelon soft serve!  

Scarlett's train!  (or so she kept saying!)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Unproductive Thursday

Tyler has this week off  (yay!), so we went on a mini family trip to Boston until yesterday afternoon (so fun!), and now we're home and unpacked-ish.  Awesome!  Except there are a bajillion things that I need to do around the house, but I just can't get motivated, so I'm giving up and enjoying my lazy afternoon.  Inside on a beautiful 90 degree day.  Blogging instead of sunbathing my afternoon away, it should be against the law!  But at least while I'm inside, I'm making mental lists of all the things I'll do once Tyler is back at work.  It's almost like I'm doing something productive!

Mary is pretty much all moved out!  Her new apartment is so cute and already halfway set up, so that's exciting!  We're going through all the baby toys and dividing them up -- that is going to be a process because I half want her to take everything, but then Scarlett will be left with no toys, but I know that she wants to take lots for Lulu, but also not really take lots because she has a tiny apartment with only a little room.  It should be interesting to see how it all works out!

I wish that I was more like Melissa from Dear Baby.  She is adorable, sweet, and seems to be just a fantastic, earthy mama.  Plus she has a southern accent, so that's a huge win!  I'm just not that dainty or nice! But she did share a story about Everly that I can definitely relate to...Everly says, "Damnit!"  while Scarlett says, "Bitches!"  It reminds me of Pearl the Landlord.   I love that Melissa totally owned that she had a "parenting fail" moment -- I did too!

I was talking with Tyler about something, totally oblivious to little ears listening, when I said, "Bam, bitches!"  (Classy, right?!)  Anyway, the damage was done.  We tried to erase the bad word from Scarlett's memory by doing her fist bump thingy that "Da" does with all the little ladies, "Boom, hollar!"  Well, Scarlett had her own version, "Boom, holler, bitches!"  Ahhhh!  Suuuch a mom fail on my part!  We giggled, which didn't help things, but it seemed to disappear...until last night when Da was talking about "dollar bills" for the ride she went on while I was shopping.  Scarlett adds, "dollar bills, bitches!"  Oh no.

I had decided to ignore the bad word because attention would have encouraged her to repeat it, so hopefully that works.  Also, she's so young that I'm sure she she'll forget it, right?!

Now I must watch my language!  My sisters and I have our own slang and it's clearly not toddler appropriate!!!  Lesson learned!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

Here is Scarlett, showing off her patriotic tattoos; we got a little crazy with them!

Monday, July 2, 2012


HAPPY JULY!  There are lots of new things going on around here...

  1. Tyler surprised me with a new laptop when he returned from his work trip in Colorado!!!  Woohoo!  I'm loving how light and CLEAN it is.  I always swear that I'll keep it all fresh & new, but it never stays that way.  You should see the crude on my old key board!  Ew.  Now I just need to figure out how to transfer all of my photos...I bought my old laptop a few months before Scarlett was born, so every picture of her is on it.
  2. I'm about to enter my last year in my 20's!!!  I'm feeling excited for my thirties, but maybe that's because I still have a year buffer!
  3. Mary and Louisa are thinking of moving out on their own.  This is happy news and sad news at the same time.  I'm PSYCHED to be able to do my make-up while Scarlett plays in the playroom without having to play interference to two toddlers fighting.  That will be awesome!  Buuuuut, I'm sad that Scarlett and Lulu won't be living like sisters.  Luckily, Mary's not moving more than 10 minutes away, so we'll be doing playdates constantly!  (I keep hitting this ~ instead of ! and it's driving me crazy!!!) that's a change that is coming soon-ish.
  4. The new rule in my house:  SCARLETT IS NOT GOING TO GRAMMUM'S WITHOUT A NAP!  EVER.  That should solve the monsterbaby-ness and maybe Grammum will start to like Scarlett again after her afternoon from hell!  Smart thinking on my part, I think!
  5. I'm getting excited for baby 2!  It's less scary now that Mary's moving out because there will be less chaos instantly.  That will help, but really I'm way less worried because now Mary will have a place to bring Scarlett to play where she'll feel comfortable while I nap with baby 2!!!  Score!
  6. My hair is BLONDE!!!  Like, blonde blonde!  I am more blonde than I have been in years and I love it!  Though I will admit...I desperately need violet shampoo!  
Now here is the latest from my crazy Scarjo:

She was posing for Auntie Mary...this was her craziest pose, so naturally Mary had to post it on FB!