Tuesday, October 23, 2012

So here I am...

...less than ONE WEEK away from my due date and I have twisted my foot.  AGAIN.  It's the same foot that I twisted last summer.  Ugh, what a pregnancy!  On top of twisting this dang foot twice, I also fell on my baby bump and had the worst sunburn of my life.  Maybe that means and easy labor and delivery?!?!  Or baby 2 will be an angelbaby to make up for her rough pregnancy?!  That would be okay with me!

So now I'm couch-ridden.  With a toddler.  BUT at least Tyler's here this time!

Here's how it went down: Scarlett had her flu shot appointment today.  It was an absolute must that she got it before baby 2 is born.  I was helping her go to the bathroom before we left for the doctor office when I turned funny and heard, "POP!"  It was my foot.  Instantly, I could barely hobble around.  I called Tyler to have him meet me at the pediatrician's and hopped to the car.  We were called right in and the shot was a quick little thing -- Scarlett survived!  (I think that was more traumatic for me than Scarjo; I hate to see her cry!)

After the appointment, we all went back to the house, Tyler set me up with Tums and some ice and back to work he went!  Scarlett had a play date this morning, so at least she had fun then, but with me on the couch, we just turned on Sesame Street.  Thank you, Elmo!

Luckily, Mary was feeling generous and she came (after 2 episodes) and rescued Scarlett!  They're shopping  together with Lulu right now!  Phew!

Scarlett gave me her sticker from the doctor!  Sweet little girl!
On the plus side, I did get to enjoy The View today!  Alanis Morissette was on to perform (the song was okay.) and she was a guest on the couch to talk about her new album.  The topic of attachment parenting came up and the co-hosts had lots of questions.  My favorite part was how confident Alanis seemed while answering all those questions.  She was confident and bold in her answers.  Yes, she still breastfeeds and, yes, she co-sleeps with her son.  There was almost a, "duh" at the end of her statements.  I loved that!!!!

It makes me feel less crunchy in my parenting decisions and like they mean something because I'm just doing what feels right to me.  Love, love Alanis all over again!!!


  1. Bless your heart. I hope your foot feels better! & I think its so cute that little miss knows what her favorite make up is called & where it goes! Too cute :)

  2. Oh, thank you! She definitely loves her make up!