Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!!!

This is the first year that I have TWO little ladies to dress up and I really love the idea of doing costumes that go together, but are still different, so when Scarlett became obsessed with Madeline, I started talking about Halloween and hinting about what she'd like to be.  Then, Madeline rescued a dog and the discussion for costumes was closed.  Hello, puppy dog, Poppy!  Good thing Scarlett was still really excited about the Madeline idea because it has been a few months since this whole fascination began...she's still trying to get me to be Miss Clavel.  "Mummy, when is your costume coming?!" was how she broached the subject this lady, but it's not gonna happen!  (I have too much birthday planning to do [still] to worry about dressing up!  Maybe next year!)

So there we were, Madeline with her rescued pup, Genevieve!  Too bad Poppy was less than thrilled with the idea of wearing a costume.

SO crossing my fingers that trick-or-treating goes a little more smoothly!!!  Luckily, Scarlett was the perfect Madeline and even tried to make Poppy less of a grumpster!

We tried to include Poppy in our photo shoot, but Scarlett totally stole the show!  What a fantastic Madeline!!!

And just because I want to see, here is Scarlett in each of her past costumes:

CUTE!  I wish I had been smart and picked a costume for Poppy without something on her head!  Scarlett last 3 minutes with that cupcake year!!!

Have a Happy Halloween :-)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

So What Wednesday

Life After I Dew

  • I can't commit to strictly vegan, but Mary coined the perfect term to what we're eating, "Vega-tarian."  Works for us!
  • Baby 2 has her baby book filled out until about 8 months!  Fail.  Buuut, Scarlett's baby book has 0 pictures, so look at me not playing favorites!
  • I let Scarlett watch PBS while Poppy has a nap, so that I can facebook/blog/read clean. 
  • For weeks before my hair appointment, I was psyched and constantly pinning different style/color ideas!  Never before have I been that excited for a new do'. 
  • The $5 extra that Pop Sugar has added to their must have boxes is making me reconsider my subscription.  Just out of spite!  Hello, Julep!
  • Tyler took the babies grocery shopping so I could get some more organization done around the house!  And I'm blogging!!!  Way more fun;)
  • I want Scarlett to earn her stickers for sleeping in her bed every night because I am SO EXCITED to order her her first American Girl doll.  She will flip when it comes in the mail...! 
  • I spent this afternoon buying all of our fresh fruits and veggies at Hannaford.  Then took the ladies to the health food store for our dinner ingredients and no preservative snacks.  After all that, on the way home, I went through the drive thru at Burger King (veggie burger, no mayo, but still.) because I was too drained to even think about cooking dinner!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Hair!

I wanted a change majorly!!!  So after pinteresting a cute picture from Shannon, I was ready for my appointment!  I was looking for something darker for Autumn, so that I could wear my lipsticks that just look too severe with blonde hair and I also wanted something fresh!

I think I accomplished those two things:
(I usually wear my hair straight and was not a fan of the curls, even though they were my idea!)

I love, love, love the color AND the cut, but I wish I had done one at a time.  If my hair was this short and blonde, perfect, or longer and brunette, also amazing!  With so much change, I sometimes don't recognize myself!

That is my only gripe.  Now that I have this hair, it's been fun playing around with it!

...And it is way less maintenance!!!  

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sticker Chart

Oh yes, we're there.  I always thought charts were kind of silly.  With potty training, we just bribed Scarlett with gumballs and she was potty trained 2 days later.  To wean her from nursing, we promised a puppy stuffed animal.  Boom, done.  But then when came to sleep training, we were stuck.  She was sleeping in her bed.  That was right next to our's.  Most of the time.

After Poppy was born and co-sleeping/nursing, things got even more "interesting."  I almost felt like I had to over-compensate for rocking the world as she knew it by introducing a new baby into the mix, so I let her sleep in "our" bed.  It turned it "our" meaning Scarlett, Poppy, and me,  Sees ya' Tyler!

I drew the line when she AND Poppy began waking each other up multiple times a night and brought in a toddler bed.  Scarlett slept in it next to my bed for a few months.  Then it got real.

Scarlett was going to sleep in her own bed.  In her own PRINCESS bedroom.  It was happening.

We made this chart and talked all about being a big girl and sleepovers and telling her cousins :

It was working well, but then after over a week went by and no American Girl doll was earned, Scarjo started getting confused, followed by disinterested, SO I added mini prizes and gumballs.  Every yellow box that earns a stickers also comes with a treat (lippy, pez, etc.) and the red box is the real deal: Saige!!!

Easy peasy, right?!  Except that yesterday, after I scolded, "No sticker!  No gumball!  You woke up 2x last night!" Scarlett replied casually, "That's okay!  Tomorrow I will, right?" and continued off to play in her toy room.  Yeah, she'll be 15 by the time she reaches the red box.

Ehhh...wish me luck!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nursery School Pictures

(after Instagram)
I stressed out over making sure that Scarlett had the perfect outfit for her first ever school pictures; probably a little too much, but I think it worked out!  She looks sweet and innocent, while also put together and preppy.

Good thing I listened to everyone and decided not to go with the purple background/white shirt route!

Friday, October 25, 2013


Here in the first picture, Poppy is posing so proudly with her babies in the stroller.  Happy, happy!  Then rotten Big Sister realizes what is going on, swoops in, steals baby Tiana, and leaves Poppy with that face!

Poor Popsters -- this is what life is like 50% of the time.  The other 50% is spent being man-handled walked around the house by Scarlie Jojo!  Obviously being baby 2 is hard

Don't worry, though, I took control of the situation...until Big Sister strikes again!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Can't think of a title. It's a post about all kinds of stuff. Yay for actually blogging!!!

My number one thing that I care more about than 50 Shades of Gray: Okay, BA.  She rocks my world.

I have been birthday planning list-making 24/7 in my head...time to actually make it happen!  (How fun that I get to do it again!)

I went to volunteer in Scarlett's nursery school classroom...and stayed the whole time.  Suffice to say, I miss teaching.

The Blacklist.  Scandal.  There goes my weekend.

I HAVE A HAIR APPOINTMENT SATURDAY MORNING!!!!!  Getting a cut and going mom is going to think I'm in a funk, but really I'm just looking for some fun, a change, and a little bit of perk!

Staying home with my babies is amazing.  AMAZING.  And I want to do nothing else, never occurred to me that I needed to maintain hobbies that interest me.  ???  Clueless.  But then my mom "interventioned" me AND I read Kelle's post.  I have made walking, tanning, reading, volunteering more of a priority and I feel more like myself now.  Loves it!

I am tanning again.  Gross, I know.  But prettiessss x100!  I just need to make sure I don't look like I tan.  Just vacation lots in Mexico.  ;-)

Scarlett sleeps in her own bed.  In her own room.  All night, every night!  Now I have to buy her an American Girl doll...more on that later!

Have you seen Julep's new lippies???!!!  Because I have and I want them. all.

Halloween is coming...strange to think of where I was just one year ago...!  Always with this little piggy and about ready to have a second baby girl!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Here she is...

11 months.  Already.  If Poppy wasn't getting so fun, I might be a little more upset about the past (almost) year flying by.  But 11 months is working for me!  Poppy is a little spitfire, but still sweet at the same time.

She's not quite walking, but is a speed-crawler and loves to push her dinosaur walker.  If Scarlett starts to do her gymnastics tricks (yikes!) off of her walker, Poppy starts squawking until she gets it back!  At least I know that she'll be able to hold her own against her willful big sister!