Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm not the only one!

Love this new blog that I've discovered.  And this post makes me feel normal (& less guilty!) that I'm not the only who feels like this!

This is how Scarlett and I spent our Wednesday afternoon:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Out With The Old...

And in with a new car seat for Scarjooooo!  I totally took the advice from a friend who recommended the Combi Coccoro...I think it was the "strawberry shake" color that completely sold me!  Scarlett's already too big for the infant insert, but it's still super-cute & girly!  I do have to admit that there is already a mark on the stomach pad:(  Alyssa, being the amazing older cousin that she is, shared her apple juice with Scarlett and Scarlett spilled it all over herself!  But it's definitely fixable.

Here's a picture of Miss Scarlett smiling because she was so grumpy in her car seat!

Oh, and while we were at it...we got Scarlett the 8-month-teether by Combi!  It even teaches her how to hold a sippy cup...amazing!

Random mix of things...

I'm totally loving these old pictures that Mary posted!  We were 2 1/2 and 6 months old...super-cute!  This is what I want for Alyssa, Scarlett, and Louisa!  I love that Mum even bought us matching Nikes...fashionistas at such a young age! 

Below is my favorite Fall find that's actually not for Scarlett!  Shocking, I know!

I can't wait to wear it with my non-maternity black winter coat!  Yesss!
(it even has Peacock feathers!  SO fancy!)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Francis Firth Bartlett Jr. 9/12/34 - 12/1/03

Thinking of Frank would have been his 76th birthday!

I wish he could be here to meet all of these wonderful little babies...! 

Alyssa Kristina

Katie Scarlett

Louisa Violet Francis

Saturday, September 11, 2010

(Stolen) Fun Idea...!

I love to read Brittany's blog about her two adorable boys because she has great educational activities to steal, but recently she posted a neat blog that I had to make my own! Here are my "always, sometimes, nevers" in no particular order:

think about Alyssa when she's gone
drink 64 oz of water each day
feel excited when I think about next summer with Alyssa, Scarlett and Louisa
facebook stalk my sisters
wake Scarlett up with, "Good morning, Sunshine!" to start her day off happy
read daily, multiple times
give Scarlett lots of kisses--she is delicious
count things
browse for baby headbands did I not dress newborn Scarlett in headbands??
listen to pop music. I'm a teeny-bopper at heart.
have yummy candles burning

watch cheesy tv...and always feel embarrassed about it
drink Dunkin' Donuts coffee + pumpkin for a special treat perfect for Fall
feel guilty for not filling out more of Scarlett's baby book
miss school, but would rather be home with my baby Scarjo
get angry that Mary moved to Alaska...ALASKA! Crazy lady!
wear fake eyelashes
have cheat days, but feel horribly gross the next day
remember my re-usable grocery bags
dry my clothes outside...yum!
make the bed

stop reading a book without finishing it...except Eat, Pray, Love
feel like I have enough sleep
drink diet coke...that will change when I stop nursing!
have left Scarlett...I'm not sure when I'll be ready to do that
knew how much work it is to have kids...and my mom had 4!
knew how fiercely protective I would feel about the babies in my life
get sick of listening to 80's Madonna
will buy a fixer-upper house again
don't feel like eating pizza
want a small, yappy dog again
mail Mary packages on time...but they're so heavyyyyy!

Introducing Little Miss Louisa!

My newest niece was born September 10 at 3:15pm (7:15pm est). She weighed 7 lbs 4 oz and was 20" long with lots of black hair and Angelina lips! Such a pretty little thing!

Louisa Violet Francis Clunie♥

Monday, September 6, 2010

I kind of rocked it out!

My little chiquita has been super-constipated (sorry. tmi.) since Friday. :( It was awful when she did poo because she cried...SO obviously I fixed it. In less than 12 hours. So I kind of rock! I mean, clearly this is kind of gross and I can't believe I'm blogging about baby poo, but I'm so excited that Scarlett feels better! You have no idea how stressful it was knowing that she was not feeling well. I just googled what to do...and called my mom! I only nursed Scarjo today, but she was still kinda hungry, so off to Wal*Mart we went to stock up on PRUNES! (& Bugles for Little Miss!) For lunch, Scarlett had prunes and water...and for dinner Scarlett had prunes and water! After dinner, I gave her a warm bath and that all did the trick. Woohoo! Now we can all sleep (much) more peacefully than last night! To make this whole day better, turns out Scarlett loooooooves prunes. What a fruitcake! Ha! Here are the pictures to prove it!

Also, today Scarlett went with Auntie Molly & Alyssa for an hour while Tyler and I cleaned the house of our 4th (& hopefully last!) showing. It was her first time away from me. Ever. It was so helpful because cleaning with a 7-month-old who must be held constantly is pretty impossible! I can't believe Auntie Molly was the first one to watch Scarlett without me!

PS--I have 3 followers now! YAY!

PPS--Miss Louisa might be arriving tomorrow...let's hope for a healthy baby with too little fluid, so the doctors induce...! That would work!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beating the heat!

It is crazy hot here in Maine. Not cool. It's September, I'm ready for Autumn! 95 degree weather is never fun, but it's especially un-fun when I want dress Scarlett in her cute Gap fleece, not her same old summer outfits! Still, she did look adorable yesterday in her "So sweet" watermelon shirt and pink polka dot shorts! (she would've looked even better if she were in a swim suit, but the pool is closed. Shoot!) Ok, anyway, because of the insane heat, Scarlett and I spent the day in my air conditioned(!) bedroom. Here are a few shots of our day of chilly fun!

Scarlett, surrounded by her toys!

Monster baby trying to eat my phone!

Scarlett got a little chilly with all that a/c!