Friday, October 12, 2012

FUN Links!

Jennifer Garner was on Ellen a few weeks ago; she totally made me feel like a good mom!

MODG seriously rocks my world and she understands my pain!!!  I read this out loud to Tyler while laughing the whole way through!

This made me chuckle!

Chrissy's blog.  This girl is just crazy!  And she has a pretty famous significant other!

Subscribe!  You won't regret it if you love to get the news easily and succinctly.  I read the headlines before I get out of bed!

I feel like this could be baby 2's future.

I'm up for this!

My favorite line, "...have we all become Madonna?"  Hehehe!

Now here is just a cute picture of my favorite little lady:

It was so cold today, so we busted out some winter clothes!!!  Every time I looked at her, I couldn't stop laughing!!!  She was not impressed with me!

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