Saturday, September 29, 2012

Confused much?!

Happy Saturday!

That means 36 weeks for me now; just FOUR weeks away from my October 27 due date.  I think I confused my MIL though because her facebook status said this, "Happy Friday! A new baby for us soon! Will keep you posted! So happy!"  Hmmm....!  Maybe she thinks I said September instead of October!!!  I'm pretty excited for baby 2, too, but I am counting on these last weeks to tie things up!  

Mary's comment was my favorite though: "I don't know, the way us Beal girls carry those babies, Tiny Two might not make an appearance until Election Day!

She is SO right; I have already ordered my absentee ballot to be mailed to my house, just in case I'm in the hospital when it's time to vote!  And my to-do list does not have everything checked off...yet:

  • organize all baby and toddler clothes
  • tag all of my consignment clothes to sell next weekend
  • vacuum baby 2 and Scarjo's room
  • wash, dry, and fold all of the cloth diapers
  • buy newborn 'sposies for baby 2 because she probably won't fit into the cloth diapers right away
  • pack hospital bag and diaper bag
  • bring down all of the baby swings and bouncers from the attic
  • set up Scarlett's bed in her own room.  (I think this will be harder for me than for Scarlett!)
  • buy lots of gifts for Scarlett from baby 2!  (I'm most excited to check this one off the list!)
  • rearrange our bedroom to fit the co-sleeper next to our bed
  • put the car seat into the jeep
  • move Scarlett's car seat to the other side to make my life easier with two little ones
  • freeze witch hazel monster-sized pads for post-delivery (awesome.)
  • bring big girl toys up to the nursery for Scarlett to play with while I nurse/change baby 2
  • order the cutest, most snuggly hat for baby 2 to wear in the hospital
  • find the best big sister shirt for Scarlett

I have more to do than I realized!  Best be getting on that, especially if baby 2 follows my MIL's plan, and decides to come early...!

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