Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

It's Tyler's first Father's Day! He made my first Mother's Day really special, so the bar has been set really high for his first Father's Day. Shoot! For something special, I painted Scarlett's feet and stamped them on a paper that says, "Happy Father's Day! Love, Scarlett." Hopefully he appreciates the effort! It's quite a challenge to get decent footprints from a 5-month-old!!! But she loved having her feet painted--so fun! And so far, Father's Day has been great for Tyler! My mom brought him coffee & breakfast first thing in the morning! Now we're walking downtown with Scarlett, then we're grilling for dinner! It should be a fun day:)

Tyler and Scarlett<3

Scarlett turned 5 months old yesterday--and she rolled over for the 4th time--woohoo!!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Someone's reading my blog...

...other than my family! That really makes me happy! Though, I'm seriously lacking in the followers department, so get on that! ;)

Ok, so I'm loving mommy blogs lately and have discovered the best one ever. It's called, "Just Another Mommy Blog." You can just go here and check it out! Tracey writes the most entertaining, relatable stories! Very fun!

And just another picture of Miss Alyssa Lou:

She found her toes!

I SO just tried on my pre-pregnancy jeans...and they FIT! Yesssss:) It's a small victory in this whole dealing with the post-pregnancy body! Of course, I'm no where near where I'd like to be, but I'll take it!

Another fun thing that's happened today...Scarlett is wearing Alyssa's old knit hat and it is wicked cute! I love it when Scarlett grows into new things--it's very fun for me! It also makes me a smidge sad/want more babiesssssss!

The real reason for this post: Scarlett finally was able to reach her toes to her mouth! She's been trying for a few weeks now...and I have the photos to prove it! Now if only she'd roll over again, so I could capture that on camera...!

Now here is just one of my most recent pictures of my favorite 2-year-old:

Ok, I couldn't pick just one--here she is keeping me company while I do my make up:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Today Scarlett tried rice cereal for the first time. Yay! She liked it more than I thought she would. I don't think any actually made it into her belly, but she still had fun! I just thought it was the cutest when she had cereal all over her face; almost a cute as the dried milk that she has caked onto her cheeks in the morning!!!!

I received my starter package for my new career as a Discovery Toys Educational Consultant--woohoo! Opening all the toys felt like Christmas--Scarlett loooved the Super Yummy teether! And then the fun really started...Grammum brought over Little Miss Alyssa and she went through ALL the new toys!!! I learned lots about the toys from watching Alyssa play/it was a flashback to my childhood since I grew up with most of them! It was great to see the upgraded versions of my favorite toys though! I think Alyssa's absolute favorites were the Marbleworks starter set and the Busy Bugs learning set!
I saw Alyssa lots today; Molly brought her voting! Grammum even let Alyssa put the ballot in the box--she was so proud of herself! Hopefully Steve Rowe wins...!

It's Tuesday night, so you know what that means...Glee! (4 hours earlier than Alaska!)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010

Beal girls, the next generation!

I just wanted to share a picture of my two favorite people♥

Ta Da! I did it!

Scarlett, almost there!

Finally, I have a for real blog up and running...or at least, almost! Since this is my first blog, I was going to give a little info about me, but too many things happened yesterday that I just have to fill you in first...!

My sweet baby Scarlett rolled over for the first time!!!! I am so proud! Of course, she wasn't able to roll over again for the camera, but I did get some shots of her attempts! If I'm feeling brave/Scarlett doesn't wake up, I may try to add those to this blog...we'll see!

Another first for Scarlett yesterday...she had her first teething cookie! I'm not gonna lie, she seemed a little confused when she tasted it, but kept chomping right along! The cutest part is the crumbs all over her face and fingers! Love it!

We also visited the Farmer's Market for the first time ever...although I'm not sure what took me so long! There are so many great things that I'm definitely going to make the Farmer's Market a weekly visit! The chocolate, chocolate chip whoopie pies were a big hit in the Smith household!

Ahhh, ok, I'm off to enjoy the rest of my night! I love Scarlett, but it's so relaxing when she's in bed for the night!