Thursday, August 25, 2011

Halloween 2012

You may be asking yourself, "Already?!  What a nut case."  But, yes, Scarlett (& Louisa's!)  Halloween costumes have been purchased and are in the process of being shipped as we speak.  And while what they're actually dressing up as must remain a secret, I have to share some sweet things that I've spotted along my journey to finding the perfect costume.  Oh so many adorable options for Halloween day!

Scarlett's obsessed with kitties, so these would be perfect!
Clothes with "Daddy" sayings are. not. allowed.  There can never be enough of these sayings, though! 
Honestly, all of these would be acceptable, but I'm dying for the princess jammies!  (and can we talk about those ballet slippers?!  LOVE.)
Sweet!  Just not sure if Scarjo could pull off all that orange!
Gotta love Etsy!
If only Tyler could pick her costume...yikes.
Not her costume, but I kiiinda wanted it to be...!
Absolutely love this, this, and this!

Here is Scarlett last year on her first Halloween, my little cupcake, with Princess Tiana! 

All bundled up for trick-or-treating!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Oh Dear.

Scarjo loooves trucks.  When we're driving around town, she'll be quietly munching in the back while Mary and I chitchat, then out of the blue, she'll yell, "tuck!"  It cracks me up!  If I spot the truck first, I'll always point it out, so she says, "tuck!"  Well, we were tooling around this morning and I saw a truck, so I said, "Scarjo, look!  It's a truck!  Isn't it a big one?!"  And then in my head, I said, that's what she said."  Eeeek!  I mentally gasped, and thought, "have I been spending too much time with Tyler and his dirty jokes!"   

...But then I read this post.  If MODG can drop a TWSS, so can I!!!  Turns out I'm not a dirty creeper after all.  

Monday, August 22, 2011

Ba-BAM! Two in a Row, Ladies!

Sooo, I've been busy this summer/haven't been in the mood for blogging.  I'm not really sure why.  It's not for lack of material; Scarjo is doing so many new and fun things!  I swear every new month kills me because she's becoming less and less MY baby, but also I love it because she is just becoming more and more A-MAZ-ING!  I know it's super-cliche to say that it keeps getting better and better, but it's absolutely the truth. 

Now we're in month NINETEEN.  Ahhh!  Scarlett is talking up a storm, beginning to potty train, aaaand I'm trying to wean her.  (I know, she's a billion years old, cannot believe I'm STILL nursing!)  I just love it and it's a comfort to her/she insists on it, so there you are.  I have no idea how I'm actually going to follow through with weaning at this point.  We do "fake" nursing (don't even ask!) for comfort when she wakes up in the middle of the night (oh, yes, she's still sleeping with us, too!)  and she's starting to catch on to that, so I'm at a lose as to what to do!  I know I could cold turkey her, but that just doesn't fit our family.  So, as of this afternoon naptime, we're still nursing to fall asleep.  (So much for her being less of my baby, huh?!  Ha!)   

A fun game we like to play with Scarlett is to make her say the names of all our family members to hear her cute pronunciation.  Here are our favorites:

Mummy/Mummysssss  (Me)  I cheer everytime she says it -- I cannot hear it enough!  We're working on, "Mummy, I love you!"  Hehehe!
Daaaaa! (Tyler)  I blame Mary.
Mam-wee (Mary)
Mom-meee (Molly)
Naanaa (Lulu)  Those L's are tricky!
Bra-neee (Brian)
Grammie (Grammum)  Watch out, Nancy, MA is taking over Grammie...and not even on purpose!
And "Alyssa" is just a bunch of sounds, it's different every time Scarjo tries to say it.  

Scarjo is the most fun!  I cannot believe I forgot to post this video.  Enjoy her hilariousness!!!

  (Sorry about it's crookedness...totally blame Tyler.)  This was in June, her dance moves are getting even better, if you can believe it.

New Roomies!

My sister, Mary, and niece, Louisa, have been living with us for a few months now. Life has certainly changed lots, so here are a few things I've learned/discovered/been introduced to since May:
  • When you say, "girlfriend," it's like an exclamation mark to your comment. Here's an example: "Thanks for sweeping, girlfriend!" See! Way more fun. 
  • Spend the extra moolah on makeup, especially from Sephora because they send you lots of fun, free goodies! 
  • I've been introduced this blog. It makes me so sad, but so thankful for my little miss Scarlett. 
  • Um, Running off the Reese's and Suri's Burn Book kind of rock my world. Hilarious & fun stuff! 
  • Big Brother is cheeesy and a waste of my free (nap) time. Buuut I cannot resist! I love me some Jeff&Jordan! 
  • I make her wait for me to finish getting ready before we get out of the house 25% of the time (so she says), so I hurried today and left the house with a scandalous dress to wear to a family dessert soiree. I have learned NOT to trust Mary's judgement when we're running late. Ever.
  • No matter the project, she will be sick of working on it before it's finished.  We call it Project ADD! To be fair, she's either entertaining the babies or starting our new house renovation adventure...!
  • She's a lot nicer after a glass of wine. But really, who isn't?! 
  • 'Sposies are fun!  They're way less bulky than my cloth diapers, so it's fun to see Scarlett wearing 'sposies once in a while.
  • Counting calories is annoying & lame, most days.
  • Starbucks iced coffees really are more special if you don't have them every day. I look forward to our Starbucks Sundays all week...!
  • Having a roomy there 24/7 is entertainment for Scarjo always.  Works for me!
  • Mary has better clothes than me and they're most awesome when stolen.
  • Her makeup is also more fun and the best to steal! 
  • I always have a partner when I feel like shopping...!