Thursday, February 9, 2012

This Just Happened.

Ok, so really it happened a few months ago, but I found it this AM and am a little angry with Tyler all over again!

It's just me and the roomies are here, sitting in the living room, drinking a glass of sweet red, and watching Modern Family.  I glance over at Mary to tell her to look at their counter tops (for inspiration...hint, hint, next project maybe?!) when on the television, I hear Phil Dunphy say to Claire, "You're easy on the eyes when you put in a little effort."  (Or something close to that)  Tyler's eyes swing over to ME right as Phil says that.  Whoa.  We're fighting!


  1. Modern Family is THE BEST! There's always something that happens that my husband and I make eye contact and just laugh or say "that's totally you" and then there may be some apologies necessary ;)

    Thanks for commenting on my blog last week and sorry I never replied! Sometimes I'm a terrible blogger (ok most of the time...I'm working on it!) But I love reading yours and look forward to lots more reading and commenting!!!

  2. Hey, no worries!!! I'm just seeing all of my comments; talk about terrible blogger!!! ;)