Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Tyler turns the big 3-0 today and he is freaking out.  Poor guy!  Hehehe, and I'm a little evil to laugh at his anxiety, but I'm still safely in my twenties for a good year and a half, so laughing I will do!

I mean, thirty is not that old, it's a distinguished age.  Right?!  That's what I keep trying to tell him anyway.  When you're in your twenties, you're still close-ish to the age you were in college; at thirty, you enter a whole new age bracket!  I'm selfishly excited for myself that Tyler is thirty because he feels like being still twenty-something means acting like a college student, at times...or maybe I'm just jealous because he still looks the same as he did in college and I have wrinkles and stretch marks.  Shoot!!!  

Here is a little peek at something I made for his birthday present...

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