Wednesday, February 8, 2012

So What Wednesday

  • I spend 90% of my time on Facebook looking at my own pictures.
  • I don't dare put my weight from My Fitness Pal online.  I won't even add a picture just in case someone finds me...if that can even happen!
  • I started this post last Wednesday when I realized that I had forgotten to add a few SWW bullets that I meant to add...
  • I bought the Yo Gabba Gabba music.  And Scarlett asks for it by name!  Oh man...and I thought Choo Choo Soul was bad!
  • Scarlett uses everything as a phone.  I mean, I know this is normal for babies/toddlers, but some things that she finds just crack me up!  The silliest so far have been a bottle of lotion, a battery, and the plug of a wii controller...such a crazy little lady!
  • I stayed home to "do laundry" and ended up blogging!  I just have too much fun and there were only two loads...
  • I "lose my sh*t" (as Mary says) in Walmart.  It's true.  I go there to pick up a few things and leave lots of dollars poorer, not exactly knowing what happened.  Tyler's considering doing the groceries with me just to save a few "dollah, dollah, billz."  It's not my fault that I end up going crazy; they just have  everything that I could ever want or need!  Dangerous.  
  •   Downton Abbey is a huge friendly time stealer.  And I'm not even sad about it!!!  Plus, it's on PBS, so I feel like it makes it almost educational, right?!
  • Keeping with the DA theme, the voice inside of my head talks in a British accent.
  • I JUST started following Shannon Dew because I thought I had been this whole time!  I struggle, clearly.  I'm glad I finally got with the program!

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