Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So What Wednesday!

This week I'm saying So What! if:
  • I am only just now realizing that I am the worst at straightening my hair.  Thank you, Mary, for being my personal hairdresser from now on!  (You were right, my hair was bad.)  This picture brought home to me just how terrible my hair was...

BAD hair.  (Good picture by Sweet Life Memories)  

  • I bought Tyler fancy beer glasses made from recycled windshield glass (he works for an auto insurance company and sees lots of broken cars, so I thought the windshield glass was a neat touch!) and he uses our old mugs that we've had for years!  I might just lose those...
  • I am a terrible blogger when I have things on my mind; the last few posts have been total fillers.  :/
  • Sick Scarlett is kind of fun for me.  EEEK!  I know, that's terrible!  It makes me sad when she doesn't feel well, but I'm loooving her snuggles!!!  They're the best!  And she only wants me!
  • One floor of this house always needs to be swept.  Actually, that one kind of bothers me, but I have more important things to blog!  ;)
  • When I heard that Bethenny Frankel has a new talk show coming soon, I got admittedly a little too excited!!!  But seriously, I cannot wait!!!!
  • I bought a big bag of cadbury mini-eggs.  Have you tried them?!  Totally worth the $5 AND bajillion calories!!!  Plus, I kinda share.
  • With all of these sick babies watching YGG, I almost know the character's names.  Not really okay.
  • If I had the thought, "Did I wash my hair in last night's shower or the night before?" and really had to think about it.  (In my defense, the air is dry and there is a lot of dry shampoo usage in this household!)

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