Friday, February 10, 2012

FUN Links!

This was pretty entertaining for Mary and me...though they totally pulled off swim caps better than we did!

Louisa and Scarlett are READY for swimming!

Here are my favorite links lately...enjoy!

"She's my thinspiration."  Hilarious!

This + Mary's insistance finally broke me down and I bought he first season of Downton Abbey.  Now I'm addicted!

I feel like this post was a sign.  I must do it.  My roommates will thank me, I'm sure!

This list would be super-helpful if Scarlett ate anything other than yogurt, broccoli, or gum.  I'd like to still make a copy of it for our fridge!

Honestly, I agree 100%...ok, 98%.  To tackle someone full on has never been a need for me crazy!

I just love Suri's Burn Book!  I think it's hilarious and only feel slightly guilty for reading it since MODG was all about Suri before SBB.  This post is one of my favorites.

I may not have been able to master the cat eye liner, but I watched this video and have the smoky eye technique down!!!  Easy Peasy!

Jamesie Beats the Tumor is a well-written blog that makes me so sad for his parents, but at the same time, makes me so thankful that bad teeth are Scarlett's only health problems.

I could so see myself doing this!  I used to race my friend on our way to work and I didn't tell her for an entire school year!

This is redundent from Tuesday's post, but yes, please!

I keep forgetting about Tom + Lorenzo and Mary keeps reminding me to go to their site.  Eeek!  And look what I found...totally feeding my DA obsession!

Birchbox has won me over.  Now I'm just waiting for my February box...!

Play At Home Mom.  We have a love/hate relationship.  But I feel like this blog is giving me great ideas to improve Scarlett's environment and play time.  Yay!