Tuesday, February 28, 2012


We have been sick-o's in the Smith/Clunie household.  

Louisa has asthma, so her lungs have been acting up and she had a double ear infection at the beginning of the week.  Scarlett was diagnosed today with a double ear infection and RSV.  Poor babies:(

On top of all that nasty, we all have this terrible head cold/feeling icks all day thing goin' on...it hasn't been fun here!  I'm hoping that Scarlett bounces back as quickly as Lu; Lulu been running the house with Scarjo being down for the count.  That has been the hilarious part!  She just knocks on doors, snags anything she can grab to bring over to Scarjo, and just be-bops around the livingroom dancing to "Gabba."  (Yo Gabba Gabba is baby crack.  We have watched the same three episodes during this time of the sicks because nothing distracts a baby from feeling gross like baby crack, especially if the sick babies rarely watch any tv as it is.)

While we were at the doctors, Scarlett had to have a breathing treatment.  The nurse came in and explained how the machine could be a little loud and scary for some kids, blah, blah, blah...Scarjo didn't care, she just wanted the mask! She was strapped all up and sat still for the entire treatment!  She told the nurse all about "Nenu's medicine."  The nurse was less impressed by her stories, than by the fact that she sat so still...especially after Scarlett's rotten first impression of crying with real tears saying, "No ears, no ears!"

The picture just doesn't do Scarjo's happiness justice (clearly), but it was the best we could do with Tyler's old phone camera!

We got to take the mask home with instructions to give another breathing treatment if the crackly sound doesn't go away or if she has a really bad coughing spell.  Scarlett was pumped!

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