Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Before I show you a peek into our morning full of little girls' Valentines fun, I have to show you this post.  I LOVE it! Cely is just always hilarious anyway, but then when she adds Downton Abbey pictures and a Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl," it totally makes my day!  Happy reading!

Now on to our Valentine's festivities...!

This morning, Scarlett and Louisa woke up to some fun surprises...
(Mom fail.  Scarjo will be wearing her Vday jammies tonight!  Whoops!)
(We are re-doing our bathroom, so please excuse the make up all over the counter!)

Happy girl!
After getting ready, we headed on over to the Valentine's Day party at our Toddler Time!

When we left the Vday party, we headed to Shaw's to pick out a birthday cake for Tyler's 30th tomorrow...!  Now the ladies are asleep -- they were exhausted after their morning of fun!

I hope everyone is having a Happy Valentine's Day!  I'm off to clean and wrap my afternoon away...!

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