Monday, February 13, 2012

At least I'm not still in my jammies...

It's been that kind of day.  But I am dressed!  If grey yoga pants and a sweatshirt count as dressed.  And my silver fox of a mailman caught me in my state of undressed - ish.  Ick.  Although I can't really complain, my day has consisted of baking for Tyler's birthday and our Toddler Time Valentine's Day party, TWO hours of Downton Abbey (sees ya, Lavinia!), and an almost three hour nap for Scarjo!!!  Thank goodness...she was such a monster this morning, we didn't even make it to open swim.  I just mentally couldn't deal.

So my day has been fantastic looking back; not sure why I'm in such a funk!  Other cool things that happened:

  • My birchbox came today!!!  And inside?  There were cat eye liner stickers!!!  I can't mess that up, right?!  Pictures to come once I have a reason to get all gussied up!  Maybe Tyler's 30th birthday??  It's this Wednesday; poor guy is already having a panic attack about leaving his 20's behind...!
  • My peanut butter balls came out perfect.  Tyler will be excited.
  • Scarlett and I had an hour to ourselves while Mamie and Nenu napped (Mary and Lulu) and we had so much fun!  I miss my little lady one-on-one sometimes, so it was nice to just spend some quality time with her. 
  • I found the sweater that I've wanted for a while...and it's still available!  
  • Mary said that I could borrow her sweater for a birthday party next weekend.  Score!
  • I finished the dishes to hide all evidence of the making of Tyler's pb balls!  Phew!
  • A gift arrived in the mail that I hadn't even received a shipment confirmation, so that was a relief.  I might actually have all the pieces to Tyler's gift by Wednesday...hopefully.
  • Selena Gomez came on the Music Choice Hit List and I've listened to it about 5x "for Scarlett" because she loves her some "Naneena!"  (I may have some Selena fever, too!)

On a completely unrelated note, I am sad that Whitney Houston died.  She was way too young and Bobbi Kristina is just a teen!  Though I can't say that I'm shocked, it is still tragic.  :(

After hearing of her death, I immediately looked up Whitney's videos on youtube, and I must say, I am going to have to re-watch The Bodyguard soon!  I had forgotten how great that movie was and I Will Always Love You is A-MAZ-ING!!!!  Obviously.

Some of my other Whitney favorites:

And of course,

She was so talented.  RIP Whitney.

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