Friday, February 3, 2012

Alyssa Lou!

It's been forever since we've had Alyssa for any length of time because she has moved in with my Mom, David, and Camdyn (yay!).  It's been so good for her;  she and Molly have a stable home life.  The point being, I've been missing some QT with Little Miss!  Molly had to go to court (again), so Mary, Louisa, Scarlett, and I had Alyssa all to ourselves for the morning!!!

Scarjo has a fuffice(pacifier)  and purse just because Alyssa has them!

A couple of my favorite Alyssa lines:

"Auntie Meg, that's a stop sign!  That's a stop sign!  Auntie Meg, you didn't stop at the stop sign!!!"  Haha, she appreciates my rolling stops almost as much as Auntie Mary!

(As we're listening to Rhianna and be-bopping around town) "Auntie Meg, do you have to go potty?"  That should tell how smooth my dance moves were!  Ha!

We took the opportunity to bring Alyssa to the bounce house with the girls; Scarjo will do just about anything that Alyssa does...except going up the big ladder to the slide.  It was so fun to watch fearless Alyssa fly down on her belly.  Backwards.

Scarlett's telling Alyssa to go down her slide...

Finally Auntie Mary brought Lulu up to slide with Alyssa!
After the bounce house, we took them to McDonald's (I know, ew, but they have an indoor play place, so off we went...!)  Alyssa made friends with a little girl that was close to her age  while Scarjo waited for them at the bottom of the slide.  Sads.  Lulu was busy entertaining herself in the toddler area.  The most entertaining part for me was watching the girls decorate their faces with Barbie stickers.  They thought it was so cool...

The real reason for our McDonald's visit: best. diet coke. EVER!
After lunch, we headed home for naps!  Molly and Mum came to bring Alyssa home for her nap...what a fun morning!

And now we're on to is Thursday, sooooo I obviously have boatloads of pictures from gymnastics!!!!!!  But before gymnastics, Mary and I dressed the little ladies in their matching dresses.  Cutie-cutes x100!


And now time for gymnastics!  Scarjo was still a super-star on the bars...and I made Mary and Louisa come watch and cheer her on!  She looooved that!

playing peek-a-boo with her friends

doing the spider!

I love how proud she looks carrying around her star...such a big girl!

waiting patiently for her stamp!
Next week, Lulu will be joining Scarjo in gymnastics class...yay!

Oh!  On a side note, Scarjo calls Mr. Rex "sexy" now!  It's hilarious to hear her call out in her little voice, "Sexy!  Seeexxxyyyyyyy!" when she wants to give him "flove."   I maybe even have it on video...!

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