Saturday, November 3, 2012

Why?? (Baby 2's name)

Poppy Ballerina Smith

Now here's the back story!  

It started with Alyssa's name, Alyssa Kristina.  You'd never know that her middle name is Kristina if you're around my family ever because we always call her "Alyssa Louisiana."  It started from the very beginning and just stuck.

So when it came to naming baby 2, I started with naming her Poppy Marilyn.  Our last name is Smith, so her initials would have been PMS.  I was still okay with it -- she'll get married eventually!  But then Mary started calling her "Poppy Ballerina."  After a few days of hearing it, I decided that her middle name should be "Ballerina."  It's a girly, pretty sounding name and if is anything like "Alyssa Louisiana," it was going to stick whether I embraced it or not!  An added bonus??  The fun, craziness fits our family!

Tyler was easy to convince because he was happy that I'd moved on from Meggie Monroe, but as we got closer to her due date, he started having nightmares second thoughts!  At that point, it was a done deal, though!

So Poppy Ballerina is the name -- I had fun choosing her name!  I also love it because naming babies is so fun -- when else do you have such power a big decision to make that effects someone for their entire life?!

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