Wednesday, November 7, 2012

So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday

  • I have been listening to Christmas music since a week before Halloween.
  • There is lots of baby weight going on and I am not stressed about it at all.  I'll really worry about it after the holidays...!  Yay for yoga pants!
  • Lighting my home fragrance makes me feel like I really have things together.  
  • Most of my days are spent dressing Poppy in Scarlett's baby clothes, taking pictures, and then comparing them.  
  • Naming baby 2, "Poppy," pretty much makes me Kate Middleton's bestie.  (Names with two syllables ending with the -ee sound are all the rage in England!) 
  • I'm not pregnant anymore, so now I can drink way more coffee than the mandatory one cup a day; what a long nine months!!!!
  • When I'm not snapping pictures, I'm sniffing Poppy's head.  Babies smell so yummy! 
  • I had a moby wrap with my first baby, sold it at a consignment shop, then bought another one with my second baby.  Never should have sold it; one of the only times Tyler was right about something...!
  • This SWW is pretty much all about babies...sorry 'bout that!  It's what's going on in these parts!  Next week should be more fun!!!
Comparison pictures!


  1. Awe Poppy! Love that name, seriously! I might have to put it on the list for dew #2 ;-)