Thursday, November 1, 2012

Scarlett is (unintentionally) so FUNNY!

When Scarlett tried to get onto the couch with her Princess Tiana and a blanket, she fell front-first onto the hardwood floor.  I was worried that she had hurt herself and asked, "Did you land on your chest??"  

Scarlett replied through her tears, "Nooo, on my nickels!!!"   HAHAHA!  Poor thing!

All the little ladies call their nipples, nickles, thanks to Alyssa Lou!  When she was younger, she asked Molly what they were called, and Molly told her, "nipples," but she heard, "nickels," so that's what they've been in our family ever since!

And just because I can't post anything without a visual, welcome to the longest bike ride ever.  We have a playground that is right around the corner from our house, so I had the bright idea to take out Scarlett's tricycle and go for a ride in the beautiful weather we were having a week ago.  It literally took us an hour just to get to the playground.  I'm hoping this Spring Scarlett will have the pedaling thing down.  Pain-ful!

Sorry it's sideways -- I thought I could fix it after uploading it to blogger.  Guess not??

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