Sunday, November 11, 2012

Just checking in!

Things here are going very well!  The whole recovery thing is WAY easier this time around -- thank goodness because Tyler worked yesterday and he's there again today!  I dreaded the day that he would leave me, but honestly, as much as it's more work by myself, it's easier in lots of ways, too.  Scarlett and I have our thing down, so when she is being entertained watched mostly by Tyler, it throws her for a loop and her behavior disintegrates and her manners disappear.  Not fun.

I'm not gonna lie -- it was terrifying to watch Tyler drive out of the driveway -- but it made for an even better day!  I had been missing my Scarjo so much.  All last week, Tyler had maintained our regular schedule to keep Scarlett in her activities, but being away from her so much was really difficult for me.  I just kept trying to remember to appreciate my time with Poppy.

So staying home with two little ones is not much different than being home with one, but I think that's because Poppy is still so little.  She requires very little work other than time to just sit and nurse.  She's awake maybe an hour or two, but each day, she becomes more alert!  She looks at me and follows my voice.  Scarlett loves to get close and talk to her -- she freaks when Poppy "holds her hand," AKA baby wiggles when her hand happens to land on Scarlett's hand.  I love that Scarlett loves Poppy.  So far, there seems to be no jealousy issues!!!  Phew!

Tyler's home again all next week and we're going to try to all continue our regular routine together, so that I'll be used to going out and about with two babies!  Honestly, the most difficult part of this whole "more than one baby" thing is just trying to get ready.  I can clean (kind of!) and get both girls fed, cleaned, and dressed, but when it comes to putting on make up and straightening my hair, forget it!  I think it's because both girls can be involved/there when I get the other one ready, but to get myself ready, they're on their own!  Laundry is pretty tricky, too!  I guess I should just be using the moby wrap...!

iPod photo dump:

PS--Am I the only one on modg baby watch?!  I'm dying to hear what she names her little girl!

PPS--I need Lulu and Poppy pictures, apparently!  She's always around, but Poppy seems to be sleeping/nursing when she's here!  


  1. Poppy is just precious and the pics of her with her big sister are so special! Glad that things are going well. Just had to share that I am totally on Modg baby patrol as well ;)

    1. Thanks!!! And I'm glad I'm not the only one excited about Modg's baby girl! ;)

  2. Love the pictures! They are both adorable. I am glad that things are going well for the most part and hopefully you guys will be able to stick with a schedule and routine that works for you guys.

    -heather -private, just use contact to gain access