Friday, November 2, 2012

41 Weeks...??

Well, I didn't make it to 41 weeks, but I'm posting this anyway...look at how huge I was!!!  More news on baby 2's arrival to come...!

40 weeks 4 days -- this picture will make me feel accomplished in a few months...!  Haha!

Baby's size:  Just about 8 lbs and could be over 20" long -- what?!  Baby 2 get out!!!

Sleep:  Scarlett has been sleeping well, so that helps.  I'm just so dang uncomfortable!  Every time I roll over, my hips sound like what I would imagine a snake's jaw does when hurts!!!  

Maternity clothes:  I prefer sweatpants.

Food cravings:  Everything in moderation...if I eat too much I can't breathe!

Food aversions:  Nothing, really, just cooked broccoli...anything cold is consumable! 

Symptoms I have:  Pain everywhere, especially my sciatic nerve!!!  Ouch x 100!  ...Still I MUST remember this misery when I am sleep-deprived!

Doctor's appointment: My ultrasound last Tuesday showed a happy (chunky!) baby that is very active and healthy.  Couldn't ask for more...except for maybe a baby outside of my body!!!

Movement:  Lots of BIG movements -- they just happen less often!   (Yup, same.)  Baby 2 is folded right in half -- doesn't look comfy!

Belly button:  Flat and weird.  (Also still the same.  I don't remember such a wonky belly button the first time around!)

Gender:  GIRL!

What I'm looking forward to:  Meeting baby 2!  Seeing her face in the ultrasound made it so real; it's almost strange that she's not here yet because she's really a part of our family!  Scarlett goes around saying, "I love my sister!"  I'm pretty sure she says it because I give her positive reinforcement, but I'll take it!

What I miss:  Being un-pregnant!  I mean, really, being a week overdue is just wrong!  I feel like my life is on hold until she comes because everyday I think is the day.  I really am trying to enjoy and appreciate the quiet before the storm, but I'm getting impatient!!!

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