Friday, November 23, 2012

Still full...

Thanksgiving was a success!  We went to my mom's and ate LOTS of delicious turkey!  Mum made a dessert for each family (less arguing that way!), so we all had something that we love.  My choice was a chocolate pecan pie and she didn't disappoint!  We all ate our body weight in dessert...but there was enough leftovers for us all to bring home some for today!  That is one plus over our family tradition of eating out on Thanksgiving...leftovers!

While we all had a fun, happy, argument-free Thanksgiving, the pictures from yesterday were a complete fail! But now we have some of all five girls...even if they're not pretty!

Happy Black Friday!  I'm doing all of my shopping online, and so far, I had some really great deals!  There's nothing better than checking people off the Christmas list while sipping coffee in my jammies!

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