Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mailman Love.

I have recently written about my renewed obsession with Ebay; this is very confusing for Scarlett.  She believes that her "mailmail" is bringing ALL KINDS of presents for her because she's such a good girl.

In the car this morning, Tyler told Scarlett that her new jacket looked so cozy and pretty.  (Hanna Andersson for a steal -- I really am the queen of ebay!!!)

Scarlett replied, "My mailmail bring me this.  I good girl."  But then she pauses for a minute and you can tell she's thinking about something, then she continues, "My mailmail no bring me pops.  Mailmail bring me pop tomorrow!"

I'm glad that she's confident in the Mailman's love for her and about the fact that she's been such a good girl, but there's no way I'm ordering lollipops in the mail!

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