Friday, September 21, 2012

What a morning...

My posts are usually about all the fun that Scarlett and I have together and how much I love her and how magic amazing I think she is and blah, blah,'s post is not one of those!  Just a fair warning.

It's almost noon and I'm already done with today!  Actually, at about 9:30, I was done.  It's dark and dreary, which isn't helping anything, and Scarjo is feeling yucky.  Poor thing.  I really do sympathize with her; she has a cold and stuffy nose.  Not fun.  I gave her some tylenol to make her more comfortable and went about my morning...

Once the dishes were done, breakfast was made, and laundry was folded, I went to go do my make up.  We had Rhyme Time at the library to attend...and it's Lulu's last one!  (She'll be going to her new school during the mornings next week and then all day after that.)  While I was in the bathroom, Scarjo started freaking out because her shoe was untied (and because she's a sick two-year-old who ate 3 bites of her eggs.  Awesome.)  So I made her ask nicely, picked her up, and put her on the counter, so I could reach her sneaker.  Hello, big ol' pregnant belly here, there was no way I was bending that far over!!!  In the transition from the floor to the counter, she dropped her new puppy.  End of the world.  Honestly, I just don't have the patience to deal with pointless temper tantrums.  (or temper tantrums in general!)  I put her on the floor and went back to do my make up.  She laid there for the entire time it took for me to finish...and I love me some make this was a good 15 minutes.  Girlfriend was dedicated!  She didn't even have an audience; I should be terrified of her teenage years!  

She pulled it together when I went into the living room.  The music channel was playing and that distracted her from the huge injustice of dropping her puppy and not having me immediately retrieve it for her.  (I mean, that must have been the issue, right?!)

That was just the beginning of the naughties.  After Rhyme Time, we stayed and played at the library, but Scarlett refused to share her trains with Lulu, so I hauled her up and we left.  I was so that parent with the screaming kid over the shoulder and an embarrassed look on my face!  Ugh!  

I cannot stand naughty Scarjo!  Usually she's so well-behaved and almost always in public she's awesome, so I'm blaming her sickness/lack of breakfast for this morning's transgressions...not that it really matters.  Naughty is naughty!  

Time for her NAP! I just need to survive the afternoon...!  

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