Friday, September 14, 2012

Bullet points because sleep has been hard to come by and I can only drink one cup of coffee...

  • Nick and Vanessa Lachey had their baby boy.  Camden John is the name they went with, really??  That's the best they can do?!?!  The way that Vanessa talked about naming her baby, you'd think they would have thought a little bit outside the box!  I have to say, I think Jessica Simpson wins the best baby name award in this battle of the exes!!!
  • Speaking of Jessica...did you see her on Katie??  The show was a bore and she really just talked about Weight Watchers, but at least she looked fantastic doing it!  Yay for Weight Watchers!
  • I am addicted to Ebay.  For reals, addicted!  I communicate about my purchases with Tyler through our bank account because I thought he checked it diligently.  Turns out, he doesn't, so he was a little confused when all sorts of packages started arriving in the mail!  I can't help it -- HANNA ANDERSSON for almost no dollars!  Score.  Another ebay plus??  They have everything!!!  I lay in bed when I can't sleep (so annoying.) and go shopping.  They have Disney Princess things galore!!!!  Scarlett's making out like a bandit!  It makes it even more fun when she talks about the  "mail mail" bringing her presents because she's such a good girl!
  • Scarlett has decided that "Sex" is no longer the kitty's name.  It's now, "Mister."  I'm okay with this...maybe it'll cut back on the weird looks we get from our neighbors as Scarjo calls, "Seeeex!" down the driveway!
  • Tyler DVR'ed The 'X' Factor and The Voice instead of Big Brother last night.  We're fighting.
  • Yay for Kelly and Michael!!!  I am soooo happy that they didn't go with Nick Lachey.  (Holy NL bashing today, huh?!)  Nick was such an awkward host (IMO) the last time I saw him on during the Olympics.  He started talking about the gymnasts' behinds and how the camera always focuses on them and he cannot help but look.  Um, they're kids!  Like 15 and 16 while Nick is at least double that.  It just made me cringe!
  • Lulu's 2nd birthday party was a success -- Mary rocks!!!  She had fun with all of her new gifts and Mary ordered the yummiest cake ever.  YES!  
A dozen doughnuts on your ritual ever!

Already a pro at unwrapping her gifts!

Bday gifts from her favorite auntie!!!

Birthday Girl poses!

Yay for new backpacks!

  • Alyssa was in the local homecoming parade!  She is seriously awesome and full of fun!
First parade and she's already a pro!

Seriously the cutest little cheerleader ever!

She loved to cheer for Alyssa Lou, but was TERRIFIED of the fire trucks and their sirens!
  • It's no wonder some kids have the attitude/behavior that they do after seeing this display at the playground.  After a little barefoot, unsupervised 4-year-old (ish, I'm guessing.) ran up and down the slide a few times while Scarlett was waiting to go down, I told him that, no, he couldn't go up again until he waited his turn.  He looked at me, turned around, and just ran up the slide again.  I looked around the playground again to see who was watching this little boy and no one showed up.  Then another little boy climbed to the top of the slide with Scarlett and was waiting nicely for his turn.  Finally, the naughty little boy's mother showed up, snatched him, and tore off with him dangling over her shoulder, kicking and screaming.  I thought to myself, "Good for her!"  If Scarlett had acted that way, we would have left the playground PRONTO!  Not that any parenting is better or worse, and it's always tricky to decide how to handle situations, especially in public, but IMO, she was doing the right thing.  All peace was restored on the playground...for about five more minutes.  THEN, the little boy's aunt came roaring onto the playground, hollaring to the boy saying, "Who said you can't go up the slide?  You can go up the slide!!!  I'll even go up with you!!!  COME ON!!!!"  OMG.  She was obnoxious.    It was a tunnel slide, so as soon as she tried to go up, she got stuck and she couldn't save herself because of her socks, so obviously, she just took off her shoes and socks and left them on the slide while she continued up, because that's what any sane person would do.  She was shouting and screaming with her nephew all over the playground; it was all so crazy and chaotic.  Then, as they made their way to the other side of the playground, Scarlett continued her route of running up the stairs and down the slide...but when she got to the bottom, she ran into the dirty, inside-out socks that were still there.  We left after that.  It's such a shame that that little boy has such a bad role model.  
  • Phew!  Venting feels good!!!
  • I realized that I should just be taking pictures of myself in a full-length mirror to document THE BELLY.  Duh!  But then I realized I'd have to clean my mirror first...I'll get to that.  Soon!  Baby 2 will be here in 6 weeks and 1 day!!!  Yikes!  
  • It's Friday, so Scarjo has Rhyme Time with Meems and Lulu while I head to my doctor appt.  Yay for her, sads for me...those scales there really bum me out!!!  I don't think the birthday cake will be helping things!  ;)
  • And here is a little sneak peek of Scarlett's halloween costume!!!  (I am SUPER prepared because baby 2 is due on the 27th, so I have to have Scarlett ready to trick-or-treat!)

Just need the underclothes and she's ready!

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