Saturday, September 8, 2012

Baby 2's Name

I pulled a MODG and tested out my name for baby 2 with a stranger at Cam's soccer game.  I told just one parent to see her reaction and to see if people outside of my family will think it's a crazy name or a crazy-fun name, like I do!

Well, it went about as well as MODG's online experiment ...the one parent I told absolutely despised the name.  Even the first name, which is actually a normal and real name!  I thought just the middle name would be the kicker, but it was whole thing.  It didn't bother me -- instead I started judging the names of her kids in my head and I got all nasty!

Because baby 2 is a part of my family, I'm (mostly) sure she'll rock her name and really love it!  (Unless she's built like a brick house -- then she'll hate me and her ultra-feminine, happy name.)

So my little experiment just re-affirmed my decision to keep my name a secret until baby 2 is born and it's official.  Then people can voice their opinions.

On an unrelated note...Alyssa Lou is a cheerleader!  She even has her own groupies (Lulu & Scarjo!) to watch her practice.

Such a rockstar:

Another stolen picture from Mary!

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