Monday, September 17, 2012

FUN Links!

Enjoying the Small Things had the best reveal last week!  It's a ...!

Before baby 2 is born, I need to go shopping!

Disney princesses are so cheesy, but Scarlett is in love with them.  This would rock her world!

Clearly, ebay is rocking my world:  If I had a boy...

My mom is running for school board!!!

The key to Tyler's heart: chocolate and peanut butter!  These will be a hit in our house, I'm sure!

This is such a good idea; I hope I remember to do this with  my babies!

Scarlett is obsessed with my ipad, which is great when I'm trying to organize baby 2's room, but I feel like it's equivalent to television, so then I feel guilty!  This will help ease some of that guilt and Scarlett will be learning; it's a win/win!  (It also helps to follow Shannon Dew on pinterest...I totally found this page from her!)

I need this book.

Celebrity teeth.  Whoa, Tom Cruise!

Pictures of a teenage Princess Diana.

Yup!  Thank you, pinterest!

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