Saturday, September 1, 2012

32 Weeks...already!

This really would be more interesting if I had bump pictures.  The truth is, I don't even have unflattering pics; this pregnancy is completely undocumented!!!  I really thought I'd be better about taking pictures of my baby belly because I really wish I had more pictures from when I was pregnant with Scarlett, but I have done an even worse job this time around!  Oh well...I have 8 weeks left to fix that!  I just feel so huge that I don't want to remember this feeling.  It's almost like taking before pictures when you start a diet.  You know you'll want to see your progress, but it's jarring to actually see what you look like!  Right?! are my pregnancy symptoms at 32 weeks:

Baby's size:  3.75 lbs. and 16.7" long.  About the size of a jicama(??) that a type of potato??   Whoa!  Baby 2 is getting huge!

Sleep:  When I first lay down, I feel like I can't breathe.  Very scary!  But other than that and my 3x/night trips to the bathroom, I'm sleeping pretty well!

Maternity clothes:  Lots of tank tops with my stretchy skirt and one pair of capris.  When I found out I was pregnant, I donated ALL of my clothes from pregnancy 1 because the thought of wearing them again made me sick/I worked while I was pregnant, so the clothes were a bit too fancy for this time around!  Baby 2 is due in October, so silly me, I bought all new FALL summer wardrobe leaves much to be desired!

Food cravings:  FRIED CHICKEN AND FRUITY DESSERTS!  Weird.  I have been dying for fried chicken and anything fruity sounds delicious.  I just bought local strawberry jam and have eaten the entire jar in one week.  Yum!

Food aversions:  Vegetables.  SO. BAD.  I try to gag them down, but I really just can't.  To make up for my lack of veggies, I've been extra diligent with my prenatal vitamins and eating lots of fresh fruit.

Symptoms I have:  Sore back.  And I'm tired always.

Doctor's appointment:  Last Thursday...I gained 5lbs:(  I had gone 8 weeks with no weight gain and then, BAM!  Other than that, everything was great!  Her heartbeat was 140bpm.  I forgot to ask if she was measuring big, small, or right on track...I am so curious about that!

Movement:  Baby 2 is a party animal!  And she feels long -- she tickles my right hip bone and my left lung at the same time!

Belly button:  It's stretched almost flat...seeing the inside of your belly button is so strange!

Gender:  GIRL!

What I'm looking forward to:  That baby smell!!!  And I'm hoping to see a happy toddler taking care of her baby sister...

What I miss:  Laying on my stomach!!!  Doing the loop and feeling active -- my back is too painful to really do exercise-y walks.  I also am just trying to soak up my last 2 months with just Scarjo.

And because I can't post on my blog without a picture of the cutest ladies biggest ragamuffins around:

Taken by Auntie Mary!

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