Friday, September 28, 2012

Rockin' Out at Life!

You know those days where you just are awesome at everything?  Like 'your laundry is going, your dishes are put away, and your little one has a warm breakfast in her belly' kind of awesome!  That's my day today and I'm loving it!  It isn't always like this, though...

Scarlett will be three in January, so that might be why she's decided not to nap recently, but it seems to have been affecting me more than her.  I have a routine in my head and mentally check out around noon when she's (supposed to be) asleep and I get my break.  When she stays awake, it throws my schedule off and I get frustrated with myself and can't seem to catch up with my day.  The little things bother me and I just shut down mentally and float through the rest of the day trying to get to bedtime while being productive.  Then I know I can relax; guilt-free.

Well, today I made two mental schedules -- one including nap time and one without a nap.   SHOCKER.  She's not napping...but I'm not freaking out!!!  Yay for getting ahead of the game after a week of hoping for naps and being disappointed!  Schedule #2 is working out for me!

Here's what I did...I decided that I must have a break during the day where I can guilt-free relax for a minute.  My break would have been during her 45-60 minute naps; and it was heaven, but that's over now, so my plan for a nap-less day included a break during her old nap time.  And so now I don't feel like I'm just going, going, going; it's pretty much awesome!

I still jumped on my computer and Scarlett entertained herself!  I also feel like a good mom because independent play is super-important.  She needs to be able to entertain herself -- especially with baby 2 coming in a few weeks!

I do know that there will be off days with this new schedule, but that's why there's always Sesame Street!  ;)

It's so funny how some days you can handle everything, and do it well, and then there are days when the same obstacles seem like the end of the world.   Today is a rockin' out at life kind of day!

I'm taking a note from Kelle Hampton's blog and enjoying the small things!  Here are the happy things going on around here:

Instagram!  I. am. addicted.

Come follow me!  megkb76

Everything Fall!  Especially yummy home fragrances...this is what my house smells like these days!

I love BBW!

The funny things she does that make me laugh!


Doing new things to make bath time more fun!  (shown in the form of Instagram photos)

Who doesn't love glow sticks?!

Blue and red ice cubes make for a very purple-y bath!

The changing leaves and when Scarlett squeals, "look out my window at the beautiful trees!"

Fall in Maine!  Thank you, google!

PUMPKINS!  Mary got me hooked last year...
Birthday parties everyday and silly expressions.  (This picture was not taken the same day as the video...we are big on birthday parties!)

Funny and right-on ecards! 


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