Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So What! Wednesday

This week, I'm saying so what that...

  • The most virtuous I've felt for a while was today!  Scarlett and I went to the local ice cream shop and we walked away with just a slushy for her -- yesssss!
  • Intervention letters are SO my mom's thing, but the need for clarifying emotions through letters may have been passed on to me; I just sent my first one!  ;)
  • I will ABSOLUTELY be paying another thirty bucks just to take a better license picture.
  • I'm kind of loving keeping baby 2's name a secret!  I can NOT keep a secret, ever, but this is proving to be fun!!!
  • No matter how many times I refer to our cat, Rex, as his nickname, "Frexy," Scarlett continues to call him "Sex."  All. the. time.  It makes the neighbors do a double take!
  • I watch Big Brother.  Eek!  I love to watch Big Brother so much that I don't fall asleep when Scarlett goes to bed.  I lose sleep to get my Big Brother fix.  
  • I'm feeling so sad about baby 2 coming as soon as she is...I cannot imagine life with more than just Scarlett and me...
  • Leaving the house today is out. of. the. question.  I have way too many things to do here!!!
  • "'Roni and cheese" is Scarjo's favorite meal.  At least I buy the veggie kind, right?!  
  • Scarlett was dreaming about Elmo.  In my defense, she was sick that day and had watched back-to-back Sesame Street.  
  • I have had a cup of coffee just about everyday since the 2nd trimester of this pregnancy.  It's a smaller cup than I would ever normally drink and I'm super-aware of the amount of caffeine I'm having, but it still feels wicked scandalous!  
  • Speaking of's a bit silly, but I'm counting down the days until Starbucks' pumpkin flavor comes out.  (September 4!!!  Woohoo!) 


  1. Awe congrats on baby 2. Wanna share the secret name? That is too funny that she calls the kitty sex verses Frexy...& yay to Starbucks I am right there with you! Hello pumpkin latte :)

  2. I started to drink coffee again the second trimester, and I am totally okay with it. AND I can't wait for the fall starbucks drinks and snacks to come up either!