Saturday, June 30, 2012


I'm not sure what bad karma I have put out into the world, but it keeps coming back my way.  Am I being a bit dramatic?  Probably!  But man, oh man, have I had some bad luck recently...or really I've been a distracted pregnant lady and it's come back to bite me!

Our jeep was leaking oil onto the driveway after an oil change, so to soak it up, Tyler poured kitty litter all over it.  Seems like a good idea...until the 15 kitties that live next door use it as a litter box.  And then it rains. And I walk through it to meet the mailman, slip, and get it all over my foot.  (ew, gross!!!!!!)  AND THEN the litter cuts my toe and I bleed EVERYWHERE!  But that's all fine and dandy...I clean myself up and resolve that I'll have to wait until my toes heals before I get a much-needed pedicure!  (those nail techs are lethal with their files!)  Minor!  But then we went to the beach...

So, I shared a post of beach day pictures that truly captured how perfect our days was...what I neglected to mention was that on the ride home, my bra straps become unbearable on my shoulders due to the burn that was starting to show, then my legs starting to feel really hot.  Blech!  By the time we reached the house, I was the most burned I had ever been.  Tyler was gone, so lucky Mary got to rub aloe all over my shoulders and neck burn!  (I had applied SPF 30 three times throughout the day.)  I was so miserable that I ended up calling my OBGYN and asking if it was okay to take tylenol for the pain.  They approved, so I took the recommended dose every 4 hours for two straight days.  After that, the pain started to subside and I was feeling human again...!!!!   Still, my skin is pretty be staying away from those nail techs a little while longer...!

Fast forward one week...the aloe was magic and my skin was barely peeling...and I shaved my legs for the first time since the beach!!!  Best.  feeling.  EVER!  So I was feeling renewed and fresh and I wasn't wearing a horrid summer was good and I could see a pedicure in my near future!  Since it was Brian's last night in Maine before he left to finish his time in the army in Alaska, Mary, Brian, Lulu, and Scarlett, and I headed for a walk downtown to check out the Farmer's Market and the new store, Holy Cannoli, because that just sounds delicious!!!  After our downtown fun, we were planning on meeting up with my mom and Cam for a yummy mexican dinner!  So much fun was to be had!  But...

About halfway through our walk, in the middle of an animated story that I was telling, I stumbled and fell to the ground.  And landed on my 22 week pregnant belly.  I panicked.  Brian ran home to grab their car and I called my doctor to make sure I hadn't done any damage to little baby 2.  My belly felt like I'd knocked the wind out of myself, but my other injuries assured me that I had landed on every other limb of my body before my belly hit the ground, so that was reassuring-ish.

Turns out, baby 2 is fine!  The OBGYN was reassuring and said that once I felt the baby move, everything was okay.  Phew!  And baby 2 has been doing lots of bouncing around in there, so I am not worried.

The only damage done was to my foot.  NBD...unless you have a two year old to run around and take care of!  My dang foot is sprained...and we're going on day 2 here with no walking.

On the plus side, my right leg, which I've used to just hop around to get small things done, will be super-toned if this lasts much longer!  Who knew hopping was such good exercise!  Yay!

Now for the downer mom took Scarlett to her house to play with Cam and Alyssa yesterday and said that Scarlett was so naughty that she wouldn't be helping me out again today.  Can grandparents really say that??!!  I actually hadn't asked for help today, so I'm not too disappointed, but I am angry with Scarlett for being so naughty.  She was pinching and hitting if Cam or Alyssa didn't play with her.  This behavior is not accepted at home and I totally discipline her, but I'm she a normal 2-year-old or way worse?  I have no idea.  That's a subject for another post, I suppose.  I do know that there will be lots of Sesame Street in my life today!

So that's my bad luck story...I hope everything turns around soon!  Or maybe I just need to be more careful...and really it's not so bad!!!  At least everyone in my family is healthy aaaand my birthday is Friday!!!  Pedicure for my birthday?  I think so!  Woohoo!!!

Tyler comes home from a Colorado work trip tonight, so at least I'll have help tomorrow!!!  Yesssss!  :)

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