Friday, June 1, 2012

Best Post Idea Ever!

This is so like Jimmy Fallon's Thank You Notes!!!  Thank you, Jennifer, for introducing me to your Friday Letters...I have a few letters to write myself.

Dear (Teenage) Next Door Neighbor,  If you run behind my car again, while I'm in the process of backing into my driveway, I might not hit the brakes so hard.

Dear Dunkin Donuts Drive Thru Lady,  When I say, "cream & sugar" in my coffee, I don't mean half of the normal amount of cream.  Please load that stuff in.  I know what regular cream means at DD and it isn't supposed to leave my coffee brown.

Dear House,  Kindly clean yourself.  I'd rather walk to the playground with Scarjo.

Dear Facebook,  How do I stop my "friends" from sharing my own photos.  I don't want to actually have to deal with them in person and I can't block them from my pictures, so I'm so stuck.

Dear Neighbor, Next time you decide to mow your lawn at 7:30pm, please reconsider as there are babies who are sleeping! 

Dear Picnik,  Why did you leave me?  FotoFlexer is not the same!

Dear Hulu,  Where is Season 4 of The Only Way Is Essex???!!!!  I'm dying to see it!

Dear Kardashians,  All of you are ridiculous and there are so many people in the world who have real problems...why can't I stop watching your shows?!?!  They are so dumb and staged.  Scott Disick is the only tolerable one.

Dear B at Sam's Italian Restaurant,  I always win.  Don't be so rude.  (yikes, I sound like Molly!)

Dear Jessica Simpson, Your choice of names may be questionable, but Maxi sure is CUTE!  Well done!  And thank you for making Weight Watchers cool (IMO).  I can't wait to jump on that train as soon as baby 2 is born!!!

There, that was fun!  Apparently, there are a lot of annoying things going on in my life!


  1. I'm currently writing my first Friday Letter's post for next friday! Oh, this could get interesting...LOL!

  2. Haha, it's very fun...and a little dangerous! I can't wait to read your post!