Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A WICKED fluff post!

"The Ginger King. I would be okay with ginger babies." --Cely
I love Cely's blog, but this is, by far, one of my favorite of her posts!!!  I love me some princes, and mostly I just love Kate Middleton!

So fancy!

This decanter is so cool!  When I'm back to drinking wine, I totally need this in my life!  Or maybe it can be a housewarming gift to myself when we eventually get the heck out of this house!  I could think of a million reasons to justify this purchase!  ;)

I am reeeally not looking forward to moving Scarlett into her own big girl room; I will just miss her!  She sleeps in her own bed that is in our bedroom, so the move will have to happen before baby 2 comes.  (I've mentioned this before on my blog, I know!)  To make her move easier for me her, we're going to do a princess themed room, focusing on her bed.  Pinterest has tons of amazing options!

This is my favorite princess-y thing for a little girls' room, but I'm afraid that Scarlett will be more interested in Disney Princesses...namely Princess Belle, so we'll see how fancy her room gets!

OMG!  This is so ridiculously funny!!!  The best one is the first video...Kris Jenner from the 80's!  Though, I have to say, it looks like fun!  I want to have fancy family photo shoots with music videos on the side!!!  I think we'd make a fabulous Go-Go's video or we could cover any 80's Madonna's song!

I saw this and immediately thought, "Kristen Bell would really flip for this!"  Cause we're that close!
20 Sloth Smiles, Revealed!


And my baby nap free time is O-V-E-R!  This has been the fluffiest post ever, but it's just what I have found on the internet to keep me entertained indoors since the rain has been non-stop since Saturday!!!  I'm really hoping for sunshine soon -- I need some vitamin D and the babies need to get some energy out!

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