Saturday, June 2, 2012

Okay, it's no secret that Tyler and I bought a fixer-upper, but I'd like to keep the nice things looking nice.

For example, no blankets hanging instead of curtains!  It's not that much to ask!  Or so I thought...

I got out of the shower at 8 pm (it was a late night for us; even Scarjo was still awake!) and I heard the drill going.  What??  So I make my way into the bedroom to find Tyler DRILLING SCREWS INTO OUR NICE MOULDING!  There were screws on either side of the window, then he proceeded to clip safety pins into his Eagles Snuggie, and hang it up in front of the window.  I couldn't say enough bad things about it.  Even Scarlett said, "ugly, Da!"  Yup, she's a smart lady!

This was hanging from my window.  Trashtastic!

I swore that it was coming down, but then I moisturized and got all ready for bed and Scarlett was waiting for me to read to her, so I dropped it for a moment.  I feel asleep with Scarlett...and then something magic happened...

Scarlett slept through the night.  That has NEVER happened!  So then I was I admit Tyler was onto something or throw his idea out the window?!

Well, I owned up that we need a curtain over that window, so Tyler was right.  BUT I refuse to keep that trashy, ugly snuggie over the window, so now we're on the hunt for more light-blocking curtains!!!


  1. Oh goodness how funny is that?! I would have killed my husband if he hung my snuggie over a window. Um, no! Lets go shop for some NICE curtains. LOL!

  2. Haha, I know it! It never would have even occurred to me to hang anything other than curtains...what was he thinking?!!

  3. Hahaha! This made me laugh so hard because we bought a "fixer upper" too and we had so many arguments about make shift stuff while we were getting our house in order.