Monday, June 11, 2012

Gender reveal!!!

Baby 2 is a...


        This morning I saw almost an hour of my little baby 2 bouncing around in my belly!  Before I knew she was a girl, I saw her hands playing with the umbilical cord and toes that were not so twinkly!  It was so fun and my ultrasound technician was super happy and chatting.  The whole experience was awesome.  When it came time to look at the baby's gender, she told me, so I would look away.  It was so hard not to peek, but I knew that if I did, I wouldn't be able to act surprised when we cut the gender reveal cake in a few short hours!  As I was leaving the office, all the ladies at the front desk kept asking what I was having.  When I filled them in on the plan, they said they were just going to go and ask what it was.  I thought that was nice that they were excited along with me!

       I went straight to the Hannaford bakery to make sure they could have my cake frosted in just one hour. They were accommodating and excitedly took the envelope that held the gender on a piece of paper and opened it up while I was still there!  Luckily, I couldn't see, but the baker was pretty excited about knowing the gender before me!

       An hour later, I picked up this cake...

       And when I cut into the cake, we saw the PINK!  


       BUT, Mary really tried to get everyone excited for boys, just in case...!

Team Blue!

       Although, Scarlett and I were hoping for a girl...

Team Pink!

Needless to say, we are really pleased to have another little girl in the family!!!!  Now I just need to decide on a name...!!!!