Monday, July 2, 2012


HAPPY JULY!  There are lots of new things going on around here...

  1. Tyler surprised me with a new laptop when he returned from his work trip in Colorado!!!  Woohoo!  I'm loving how light and CLEAN it is.  I always swear that I'll keep it all fresh & new, but it never stays that way.  You should see the crude on my old key board!  Ew.  Now I just need to figure out how to transfer all of my photos...I bought my old laptop a few months before Scarlett was born, so every picture of her is on it.
  2. I'm about to enter my last year in my 20's!!!  I'm feeling excited for my thirties, but maybe that's because I still have a year buffer!
  3. Mary and Louisa are thinking of moving out on their own.  This is happy news and sad news at the same time.  I'm PSYCHED to be able to do my make-up while Scarlett plays in the playroom without having to play interference to two toddlers fighting.  That will be awesome!  Buuuuut, I'm sad that Scarlett and Lulu won't be living like sisters.  Luckily, Mary's not moving more than 10 minutes away, so we'll be doing playdates constantly!  (I keep hitting this ~ instead of ! and it's driving me crazy!!!) that's a change that is coming soon-ish.
  4. The new rule in my house:  SCARLETT IS NOT GOING TO GRAMMUM'S WITHOUT A NAP!  EVER.  That should solve the monsterbaby-ness and maybe Grammum will start to like Scarlett again after her afternoon from hell!  Smart thinking on my part, I think!
  5. I'm getting excited for baby 2!  It's less scary now that Mary's moving out because there will be less chaos instantly.  That will help, but really I'm way less worried because now Mary will have a place to bring Scarlett to play where she'll feel comfortable while I nap with baby 2!!!  Score!
  6. My hair is BLONDE!!!  Like, blonde blonde!  I am more blonde than I have been in years and I love it!  Though I will admit...I desperately need violet shampoo!  
Now here is the latest from my crazy Scarjo:

She was posing for Auntie Mary...this was her craziest pose, so naturally Mary had to post it on FB!

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