Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer in Maine!

Well, you guys are NO help!!!  ;)  It's fine, I think we've nailed down a name, phew!  More on that later...

It's been suuuuch a nice summer so far; not too hot, not too yucky!  Of course, we have had some insane rain, but the sunshine-y days have totally made up for it.  The stream at the end of our street was super-flooded, so I had to take pictures!

We always feed the ducks standing right next to those trees sticking out of the water! 

Woohoo!  We had a duck sighting!

On hot, sunny days, we always take out the sprinkler.  Scarlett loves it, but Lulu goes crazy for the sprinkler!  It's hilarious to watch and she'll run through that water for an hour without getting sick of it.  Meanwhile, Scarlett is over it and sunning herself on her towel because she gets too cold.

Happy Lu!

I think I was more excited about this swimsuit than Scarlett, but I remember Alyssa wearing it!!!  I love that it fits Scarlett now!


She is awesome!

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