Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I am obsessed with naming baby girl #2, but how do I compete with the awesomeness on Katie Scarlett?!  Prudence was my first choice, but if my name were Prudence and I had a sister named Scarlett, I would hate my mother!  Now that leaves me with my back-up names; Marilyn and Francesca "Frankie."  Now I'm not in love with either of these names, so I'm back to spending my free time searching instead of working on Tyler's resume.  So far I've come up these names:

Georgina "Georgie"

...and that's pretty much it.  I just need help with a first name that goes well with Belle!  That's going to be her middle name.  (I'm pretty sure, at least!)  We're thinking Belle will be perfect because Scarlett wants us to name her "Princess Belle" after her favorite princess, so we're just making Belle the middle name.  And it has to go well with Scarlett.

So are there any suggestions out there?!?!

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