Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Her Easter Dress

Scarlett was all dressed up for Easter lunch, but that didn't stop her from playing in the dirt Sunday evening...!

Breaking fashion laws & wearing white shoes before Labor Day! 

Before her major meltdown at Grammum's

After spending Easter Sunday as a sleepy, grumpy, monsterbaby, I was anxious to get to the doctor's office on Monday to have her checked out.  She was given a clean bill of health (yay!), so I blame over-stimulation + lack of sleep for her absolute breakdown during lunch.  Awesome.  Although it did get me out of eating lamb...!   She also had her 15 month check up and we got her currents stats:

Height:  30 1/2"  (28th percentile)
Weight:  19lbs 3oz  (5th percentile)

Scarlett's a skinny mini!  (I think that legally means that her car seat needs to face backwards.  That won't go over well!)  All in all, the highlight of Easter was Scarlett's dress and the highlight of Monday was Scarlett's health.  Or really that amazing sunshine and 60 degree weather was the highlight of my Monday!  Yay for Spring!! 

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